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We have already seen blockchain being utilized in various forms, in smart contracts digital currencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. For now, these have been “experiments” (albeit very successful and profitable ones), but this appears ready to change from experiments conducted in the realm of computer scientists and “nerds” to becoming a mainstream tool in various industries. But it appears that the developments in blockchain are reaching critical mass, and could be upon us sooner than anyone realizes.

With digital currencies, similar to Bitcoin, a business who wishes to transfer currency from their country to a recipient in another country (or vice versa), could potentially do so effortlessly. Making international wire transfers could potentially be accomplished directly using blockchain based currencies, directly from sender to recipient. This may still be a few years away, and international currency transfer services are still a useful option for businesses who seek to make international currency transfers. Cryptocurrencies are a promising addition to that ecosystem providing unparalleled benefits to consumers and merchants. However, there are still people who do not know much about virtual currencies. They are versatile, secure, and can be used for buying and selling of goods online. A lot of industries like travel, clothing, food, etc. have already started accepting crypto payments. Let’s see how accepting crypto payments can help your business grow and succeed.

Alchemy is a leading cryptocurrency payment solution and technology provider in Asia Pacific that powers online and offline merchants with fast, secure and convenient hybrid crypto-fiat payment systems and solutions. Alchemy offer offer multi-cryptocurrency wallet which ensures you can store your accepted currencies in a secure wallet. Cryptocurrencies are a great way to send and receive money across the world instantly. You don’t have to wait for transactions to be processed, no international fees, and everyone with internet access can send funds to anyone they want. Unlike banks, the transactions are completed within minutes.

If you have a smartphone with an active internet connection, you’re good to make transactions anytime you want. Also, cryptocurrencies are recognized everywhere. You can use them even when you don’t have an ID or a bank account number. For businesses who are looking to acquire international customers, crypto payments are a must.

Alchemy provides you with hybrid payment solutions that will enable your offline and online businesses to accept fiat and crypto payments in simple, fast and secure manner. Alchemy will pay you in your local fiat currency with no settlement risk. Alchemy offers you a full range of payment solutions to help your clients accept fiat and cryptocurrency payments with competitive and timely settlement.

Technical Features

  • Alchemy payment consensus protocol can be deployed seamlessly on various public blockchains to enable acceptance of any cryptocurrencies
  • Flexible payment models available to support industry needs, including PULLPAY (merchant to scan user) to meet a variety of subscription-based and recurring payment requests
  • Support scaling solutions such as Lightning Network, Raiden Network, State Channel Network as well as Cross-Chain Payments
  • Machine learning and AI to mitigate fraud risk and enhance security of network and dynamic strategies to hedge depreciation risk of cryptocurrency price.


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