A whole new exciting world of value is being coded into life right now by gamers. While it may be a far cry from the lofty ideals of banking the unbanked and taking down the global banking system, gaming is gearing up to be a massive force in the crypto space.

Addictively fun games will draw a whole new base of users into the crypto economy. Gamers are an excellent target market for adoption because many gamers are a touch more tech savvy than the average internet user and tend to be a bit more open to new ideas.

Cryptocurrency promises to change the world, but it might start with games. The ubiquity of microtransactions in modern video games makes the industry ripe for a crypto insurgence.Probably the most obvious way for cryptocurrency to slot into the games industry as it stands is as a replacement for traditional card-based online transactions. Developers could end their dependence on external payment mechanisms by creating their own, entirely new online currencies, which players would then use to buy gear and cosmetics, both from each other and the devs. It would mean an added degree of control for the developer and, perhaps most enticingly, an end to the vagaries of regional pricing, with the price of everything being measured in the game’s own currency. Some startups even envision a world where the game pays like a job, raising $2 million for a system which rewards players with actual cryptocurrency for in-game deeds.

On the other side of the equation, there’s the potential to make those ephemeral in-game items a lot more concrete using the blockchain, the tech that powers cryptocurrencies. Players’ gear could be indelibly recorded on the blockchain, protecting it from erasure by fickle devs or the technical vicissitudes of the game’s servers. It also creates the possibility of an entire ecosystem of item-sharing between completely different games. Relying on the blockchain creates space for players to share and trade their items across entirely different gameworlds, even entirely different developers. Items could take on form and value outside the games for which they were originally made, almost like physical goods.

BlockBurn gaming network is an innovative arena for both gamers and gamblers alike. Blockburn’s mission is to provide a highly refined and memorable gaming experience where gambling is not the only important element. These games focus on highly entertaining and engaging gameplay with stunning graphics, smooth animations, satisfying sound effects and intuitive navigation.

Token Information:

Token Name: Blockburn
Token Type: Erc 20
Token Price: $0.005
Total Supply: 2,000,000,000
Hard Cap: $1,200,000

Blockburn will be carrying out an IEO on CHAINX exchange on the 17th of February, 2020 – 16th of March, 2020. Users who would like to participate in the Blockburn IEO sales must register an account and complete KYC on ChainX Exchange

The details of the IEO are as follow:
IEO Start Date
Feb 17th to march 2nd
Hardcap : $700k

First Round of BlockBurn IEO SOLD OUT

After an extremely successful start to the BlockBurn IEO, hosted by ChainX exchange, we are proud to announce that we have sold out the first round of fundraising! The first round of fundraising was sold out within the first day of the IEO’s start. Our team and community couldn’t be more thrilled, the feeling is one of excitement towards the future of BlockBurn.

To those that have missed out on the IEO round two will begin on Thursday the 20th of February. So get in before it’s too late!

It’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on, luckily there is still one last round of fundraising at ChainX.

ChainX official website:

ChainX Official Telegram:
ChainX official announcement channel:

ChainX official KakaoTalk open chat room:

February 20th 2020
Hardcap: $500k

IEO Supply: 300,000,000 Burn
Minimum Purchase Amount: 1 ETH
Maximum purchase: 10000 ETH
IEO Hard Cap: $1,200,000

The funds raised in the IEO will be going towards the advancement and further development of BlockBurn in all areas. The funds allocation from the fundraising is as follows:

Product development: 50%

Marketing: 20%

Exchanges: 10%

Token buy back (and/or token burning): 20%

Acceptable currencies: ETH

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