The collision of blockchain technology and gaming holds great promise for the growth of both industries. Innovations in the budding field of blockchain gaming have pushed the limits of non-fungible assets and are poised to keep supplying novel developments in other areas like scalability.

Gamers were some of the early adopters of cryptocurrencies as they were already familiar with many in-game virtual currency models and saw the benefits of integrating cryptocurrency networks into the domain. The eSports industry is booming, and it is only a matter of time before its rise is meaningfully coupled with cryptocurrency payment systems and decentralized models.

The intersection of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and gaming is promising. Coupled with the meteoric rise of eSports and an opportunity for developers to properly monetize and participate in the gaming community, the intersection will assuredly facilitate a new gaming landscape.

The emergence of the blockchain gaming trend is not without its hurdles, however. Scalability issues are legitimately prohibiting the development of many games at this point and will need to be overcome before the industry can reach its potential. Once that hurdle is overcome, lookout for blockchain gaming.

DABANKING platform has introduced series of games in its platform in which players in the world have been enjoying different games on the platform and because of this it is believed that there will be influx of players on DABANKING platform.

Another important feature to take note in DABANKING platform is the implementation of FOMOGAMES and FOMOJACKPOT lottery system which is designed to be the first DAPP products on the DABANKING blockchain project.Some of the benefits you get when you played in the DABANKING gaming platforms includes: FAIR GAMEPLAY, NO COUNTRY RESTRICTIONS, FAST AND SMOOTH TRANSACTIONS, DAA HOLDERS BENEFITS and INSTANT WITHDRAWALS.The advent of blockchain technology has made playing games easier than the way it was in some years back. With DABANKING platform the games have been made simple for both the new and existing players to play coupled with good payouts and returns on all games. It won’t be long before DABANKING gaming features will definitely attracts players over the world.

DABANKING will use Ethereum Blockchain to construct a network of customers by distributing DAB tokens founded mostly at the concept of the POC algorithm (Proof Of Contribution). This is the “Dedication Proof” mining token algorithm whilst locking ETH into “value reserve funds” for DAB tokens. DAB is a token platform for the pattern of the DABANKING network and could be exchanged for the DABANKING blockchain itself whilst the DABANKING Blockchain is officially announced. The optimum complete provide of DAB tokens in a Smart Contract is 200,000,000 DAB and the pure method to get a DAB Token is to make use of the Mining Wallet. DABANKING Developers can’t have different ways to achieve DAB Tokens different than exploiting as ordinary customers by means of ‘Mining Wallet.

The DAB Token mining method is quite more special than traditional ones, miners do not need to install specialized software and hardware. To mine the DAB Token, the participants just have to buy ā€œTreasury Packageā€ with a minimum amount of ETH of 200$ and a maximum of 5000$. This makes the DAB Token mining become so friendly that everyone can easily take part in.

In the first phase, the DAB Token will run on Ethereumā€™s platform and the mining is based on an algorithm about Proof of Contribution or Mining POC for short.

There are 3 specialized wallets that needs to be concerned when mining: Gold Wallet, Green Wallet, and Mining Wallet.

When the ā€œTreasury Packageā€ is activated, the Gold Wallet will be added 800% of the package value you have purchased. The Green Wallet will be added 200% of the package value at the first purchase and 100% of the value of the package from the 2nd purchase onwards.

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