Since its beginning cryptocurrency has primarily been used as an investment security. According to Coinbase, only about 20% of their cryptocurrency transactions involve using bitcoin as a currency, with the other 80% simply involve investments for potential profit. However, as more and more merchants accept these tokens as payment for goods and services, cryptocurrencies has emerged as a useful utility token for commerce. One of the biggest barriers to widespread bitcoin adoption is getting mainstream audiences to see cryptocurrency as real money. Could bitcoin-friendly debit cards help blockchain newbies make that leap of faith?

FuzeX, is supplied with everything necessary for crypto currency. in the ecosystem is a wallet, currency exchange, credit and debit cards, as well as a token. The FuzeX card, wallet and ecosystem allows you to exchange real-time crypto currency, which means that everyone can spend their crypto currency at any time and anywhere they want.

FuzeX aims to make a revolution in ways of payment. The team takes what it learned in the process of successful development and launch of more than 30,000 Fuze cards (a smart card with a magnetic stripe that allows to build up to 30 credit, debit and bonus cards into one convenient electronic card) and adds the integration of crypto currency.

FluzeX combines expertise in payment solutions and blockchain technology with technical know-how in software and hardware development.

The card is a smart device that can store up to 15 Crypto-currency, can hold up to 10 debit / credit and 5 bonus cards. There is a two-factor authorization (2FA): the PIN code on the card itself and the password in the Fuzex application are involved.


Select the required Crypto currency on your FuzeX card. Then, look at your account balance and real-time conversion rate in the fiat currency (normal).


Transfer your FuzeX card to the seller. Then he inserts the FuzeX card, and the POS terminal sends the request to the appropriate Issuer.


The issuer instantly checks your account for sufficient funds through FuzeX Exchange. If there is sufficient funds, payment is allowed. Otherwise, the payment will be rejected.


The trader receives a permit to pay and complete the payment. Then you will receive a summary of courier assistance through your FuzeX wallet.

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