First 100% Liquid Stablecoin Backed by Gold

Gold is one of the oldest and most stable assets people around the world have been trading with for centuries. Each coin/token is backed by at least one gram of physical gold which provides a stable floor price.  When we compare the supply of gold to the supply of Bitcoin, we notice that both are being mined, albeit in their own particular ways. Gold can be found in soil, rivers, and rocks all over the world, regardless of borders. Similarly, independently of their location, Bitcoin miners receive a reward for providing the network with computing power to verify and settle transactions.

Digital Gold is a project built on blockchain based on the ethereum network. The project allow users to buy, sell and trade coverage in physical gold through the ethereum based GOLD erc-20 token.People having known this are now concerned as to how these tokens can be securely stored, and how they can also keep it safe. This then shall be the focus of my publication today. I shall tell you and show you how to securely store your digital gold tokens. Using the Digital Gold erc-20 token, users will be able to buy and sell coverages in physical gold. This entails that the primitive processes of buying, selling and storing this physical gold would be fully eradicated. The coin is an Ethereum based ERC-20 token that equals to one gram of physical ninety-nine percent purity gold stored at secure vault. Digital Gold team, consisting of highly qualified blockchain, finance, asset management, IT and legal professionals, has invested months of hard work to make this launch happen.

GOLD is a stablecoin intended for everyday use just as much as for value preservation purposes. When you purchase GOLD, you purchase the corresponding amount of physical gold bullion stored at secure vault storage. Here are some of the features that make the token unique:

  • Own physical gold while remaining private. There is no need to disclose your personal information that is required to purchase physical gold at bank or vault.
  • Store value in asset with a proven track record of thousands of years. Gold’s unprecedented long term purchasing power stability has made it the safe heaven asset of choice and hedge against market volatility.
  • Make free transactions. You can make as much transactions in GOLD as you like free of charge. The only cost is a small percent charged daily on your balance that goes towards storing physical gold in vault.
  • No purchase or sale limits. Digital Gold is a liquidity supplier holding large positions enabling purchase and sale of large amount of tokens at our website or partner exchanges.
  • Highly liquid. Sale and purchase transactions are instant. Token holder can instantly purchase or sell tokens at our website or partner exchanges.
  • Buy-back is guaranteed. Digital Gold guarantees that all tokens that you own will be bought back by us at gold spot price.

Storing of Gold

Digital Gold uses only actual physical investment grade 99.9% purity gold stored in a secure vault that is specifically qualified to store precious metals. We never store gold using gold exchange traded funds or gold bounds.

Strictly controlled emission

Digital Gold shall only issue new tokens if there is corresponding amount of gold is available in vault. All gold stored is audited with reports made available to the public. GOLD Tokens is exactly what you need to buy gold and store it digitally with complete anonymity and guarantee the protection of your assets from high volatility and loss of value. You don’t need to worry about the exchange rate of GOLD tokens because GOLD tokens are the same as real gold and the exchange value is the same as you will get profit by buying and saving GOLD tokens protection and privacy will be the most priority for the team. GOLD Ethereum-based ERC20 Tokens are an easy and instant way to save, buy, sell, or transfer gold at an investment level because this is a digital version of gold price 1 TOKEN = 1 PURE 99.99 PURE GRAM All GOLD tokens supported by physical gold for safety are stored in your safe never to worry. Gold stored is audited in real-time and can be verified online.

Each GOLD Token is issued using smart contracts Ethereum and the number of tokens in circulation is always the same as the total amount of gold bars stored in the vault. gold all over the world is used to save wealth and create profits gained when prices rise again gold prices tend to be stable and make many people around the world buy and sell gold.

Digital Gold achieves this by creating an ERC-20 complaint gold token collateralized by actual gold. Everyone knows that GOLD is an ancient precious commodity that have been applied in various activities especially in trading and exchange worldwide.

Gold is expensive which has made it an appealing investment and business commodity but due to complicated and unnecessary requirements involved in acquiring and trading actual gold, caused several individuals to lose interest in gold business. Therefore, Digital Gold has made acquiring actual gold easier through their issued gold backed tokens. The gold stablecoin provides anonymity to their owners and it is pegged to actual price of gold in the global market, whereby the liquidity of the tokens is guaranteed via the accumulated BTC and ETH assets acquired from selling the gold stablecoins through the official market place ( and on listed exchanges.
Investors and traders are assured of increase in value of their holdings via ownership of the gold stablecoins because it is collaterized by physical gold, whereby actual gold which possess a low or non volatility characteristics tends to rise due to to it’s rarity. Most people tend to avoid using stablecoin pegged to national fiat because they aren’t sure it is completely decentralized and anonymous, therefore traders and investors can rely on the Digital Gold issued gold backed tokens because it is built on Ethereum blockchain, hence it guarantees complete decentralization, anonymity, transparency, efficiency and security in all business transactions.

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