More people are on the move around the world than ever before. An estimated 258 million people are currently living outside their country of origin. Every migrant chooses to leave home for different reasons, but they all bring their life experiences, knowledge, culture and ambitions with them. As they settle into life in their host countries, they acquire new skills and know-how. And they contribute to their families and communities in their country of origin by sending money home.Financial remittances have been recognized as an important developmental vehicle associated with migration.

Immigration seems to be making more headlines in recent years. As the world globalizes in terms of nations’ economies, trade and investment, borders are opened up more easily for freer flow of goods and products. People are supposedly freer to move around the world, too. People emigrate from one country to another for a variety of complex reasons. Some are forced to move, due to conflict or to escape persecution and prejudices, while others may voluntarily emigrate. Although such a move may be necessary, it can be quite traumatic on top of the challenges experienced so far.

From another perspective, immigration can also represent an act of courage. For example,

  • Moving to a different country with different culture and norms can be quite daunting;
  • The potential loneliness to be suffered is not always easy to overcome;
  • There may be the additional pressure to earn enough to live (in a more expensive-to-live-in country) and send back meager savings.

An economic migrant, a person searching for work, or better opportunities, will be stepping into the unknown an exciting prospect if the person is already well-to-do, or daunting at least, if out of desperation.

Blockchain technology as we have all known is a latest and best technology recently in all sector have adopted its use and recorded a positive growth. It is this same technology MIGRANET has decided to use to liberate the migrant from all the scammers and third-party rendering a scam services to people and travelers around the globe. People always believe it’s not easy and as well not possible to travel and do documentation on their own which this believes has led them to the services of third-party agents who are either scammers or incompetent.

A lot have been lost to scammers all in the name of migrating from one region to another. Some third-party services have duped their customer’s huge amount of money which can never be recovered. This is why I believed MIGRANET platform is the savior the people have been waiting for because it has come with an advanced features to revolutionize the whole migration industries and likewise imp[rove migration processes.

Migranet is a global immigration platform powered by the Blockchain. With AI in place, the platform will assess the eligibility of users and provide them with free recommendations. This leads to access to updated regulations, application pre-requisites, and verified immigration professionals under one secure blockchain ecosystem. Importantly, all this happens for 90% less than traditional fees.

The platform believes that migration is broken and therefore, it’s here to fix it. The team behind Migranet believes that everyone has the inherent right to choose which part of the world to call home with full freedom, safety, and dignity. However, every year millions of migrants and refugees surrender their ambitions for a better life due to red tape bureaucracy, fraudulent practices, and unfair fees. Migranet seeks to solve these problems by offering the following:

  • Free assessment: the platform offers a professional opinion from their team of certified legal experts. This service is 100% free.
  • High security: all migration agents, documents, and biometric IDs are verified  and secured on the blockchain.
  • 90% less fees: the platform charges $500 for permanent residence, $150 for temporary residence, and NGO-friendly pricing for refugees.

Problems Migranet Seeks To Solve

In addition to finding the right place to settle and call home, migrants routinely suffer from scams, financial hurdles, and red tape before they can settle on their preferred location. The following are some of the problems identified in this sector:

  • The right country: many migrants fail to get the best fit for their education, skills, preferences, and needs. In some cases, moving families is often a struggle.
  • Prohibitive fees: Honest migration officials cost thousands of money, with backlogged systems that often lead to repeated fees.
  • Payment systems: migrants often suffer from unavailable credit cards, high foreign exchange rates, delays in the funds transfer, as well as high banking rates.

Migranet Solutions

Migranet platform provides transparency, accuracy, and accountability at a fraction of the traditional cost. With the AI assessment, algorithms can verify credentials and ranks and recommend host countries for immigration. Besides, the platform embraces blockchain with built-in Smart Contracts  that provide protection to migrants from fraud, malpractice, or misrepresentation.

The presence of biometric ID ensures the safety of refugees and keeps their original identity private. The biometric ID will not include their personal information such as legal name, date of birth, or country of origin. These can only appear as an encrypted hash. Finally, MIG token is the cryptographic utility token on Migranet platform.

Migranet comes with a Trust Wallet that provides users with everything they want to know in one place.

How Migranet AI-Powered Blockchain For Immigration Migration Works

Migranet exists to serve migrants, students, and NGOs servicing refugees. The following are the steps of how it works:

Step 1: Enroll

At the initial stage, applicants input their information including professional history, country of origin, spoken languages, education, and others.

Step 2: Select

In this stage, AI algorithms present the most viable opinions available for potential migration based on the intention of the migrant—this could be education, work, travel, or permanent residency. Migrants can also manually select their destination country if they qualify.

Step 3: Apply

Once the migrant has chosen a particular country, he or she is ready to apply for the desired status. The fee is transferred from the MIG wallet. Migranet finally processes the application and works with the appropriate parties in the destination country to finalize the application process.

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