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The presence and movement of people walking around in a particular space is called foot traffic. The higher the foot traffic the more the chance of more visits to the retail space and more possibility of higher sales. That is why the retail spaces in downtown areas where a lot of people are walking is most expensive but not all retail businesses can afford those places.Foot traffic is important to most types of businesses, particularly retail establishments, as higher foot traffic can lead to higher sales. Strategies businesses can use to increase their foot traffic include holding grand openings and other promotional events such as demonstrations, giveaways, sales and charitable fundraisers etc. It is interesting how various large retail chains use sales and promotions to increase traffic. Restaurants have coupons, they tie up with various credit cards, advertise in local news paper inserts etc. They also try to get as much PR from local press, they try to hire celebrity chefs etc.

Foot traffic is one of the most essential measures when it comes to running a brick-and-mortar store. More traffic means more opportunities for sales and customer engagement, which in turn leads to higher revenues. Even though a strong online presence is essential for many retailers, it’s important to not overlook the power of your brick-and-mortar store. But the challenge for some is how to increase foot traffic and boost in-store sales  and how to measure this. While there are many methods to lure shoppers to visit your store, there’s likely some out-of-the-box strategies you haven’t explored.

New technologies in the mobile phone era are enabling the measurement of retail foot traffic that will ultimately change how retail promotions are evaluated and how retailers compete. Data sourced from opted-in location-sharing mobile devices will likely become a major metric for brick-and-mortar campaign success just as the number of unique monthly visitors is to e-commerce sites. Both sets of data (real world and digital) can be mined for determining what’s working and what isn’t as retailers compare their data to the competition.

Mozo is a decentralized solution based on blockchain for businesses and retailers, the use of this application allows you to increase and control pedestrian traffic in land-based stores. The project developers are working to attract partners-it is necessary to create a base of ground shops that will participate in the project. Users of the platform will be able to receive a Mozo token reward for visiting such trading platforms and purchasing certain products. Stores will accept the Mozo token as a payment instrument – the project is innovative and is rapidly gaining momentum. Mozo is a leader in Indoor Positioning System (IPS) technology, having successful results with leading Chinese mall operator, Wanda Group and 361 °, one of China’s leading athletic clothing retailers. Strategic partnerships with industry leaders Wanda China, Suntec Singapore, and DCG Korea, put Mozo at the forefront of the retail industry in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, and Korea. With already 38,000 places committed to implementing Mozo, we up to 300,000 places will implement Mozo for the next three years. Our goal is to be the No. 1 blockchain token for the global retail market.

Mozo works by using a “smart contract” which is tied to retail activities. This smart contract is established between the retailer’s smartphone or IoT device (such as a Beacon) and the consumer’s smartphone as they detect each other’s device. The consumer’s smartphone and retailer’s smartphone can accept and process a transaction under consumer’s command. In other words, the Mozo contract is a user-generated transaction that transfers control commands between user-device, user-user, or user-system. Hence, we create a smart contract where the object of the smart contract is to process the transaction on the blockchain network.

users and devices must first be registered with the Mozo System and the blockchain network through authentication procedures. In case the device (such as a Beacon or Sticker) is difficult to be registered by itself, the administrator must then first identify the unique ID (UUID) of the device and register that device. After that, the retailer’s salesperson must associate the device with the product that the retailer wishes to sell. The method to identify the device in case of Beacon or Sticker is to use a Bluetooth scanner, which will return the unique ID of the device. However, if this is not the case, the tool should hash the unique response information so that the device can be automatically disconnected from the blockchain network and reported to the administrator whenever it has been tampered with. This is to protect the retailer’s and consumer’s interests.

Mozo token

A Mozo Token is an ERC-20 utility token, operating on the Ethereum Blockchain network. Mozo Tokens will be used by stores and venue operators to reward customers who in turn will collect and redeem them for deals, discounts, and products. There will be a total supply cap of 5 billion Mozo Tokens, without any further issuance or creation of Mozo Tokens in the future.

1st Tranche

Hard Cap US$ 42 Million
Number of Tokens to be sold 700 Million
Token Price US$ 0.09
Method of Distribution Presale and Crowdsale
Time Period Presale:
May 8, 2018 to July 22, 2018

July 23, 2018 to July 30, 2018

Distribution of unsold Tokens Redistributed on a proportional basis to 1st Tranche purchasers

2nd Tranche

Hard Cap US$ 46 Million
Number of Tokens to be sold 550 Million
Token Price US$ 0.12
Method of Distribution Crowdsale only
Time Period Crowdsale:
Targeted for Q4 2018
Distribution of unsold Tokens Redistributed on a proportional basis to 2nd Tranche purchasers

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