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Every year electronic payment systems reach a new stage of development. The issue of payment through open networks has become important due to the rapid growth of electronic commerce in the last decade. Electronic payment systems should provide people with the necessary infrastructure to facilitate payments. Today EPS have become an integral part of trade and entrepreneurship. In a world full of Internet technologies and new inventions the popularity of virtual or digital currency has been increasing for the last few years. It should be noted that these expressions are used as a synonym. The widespread virtual currency offers users a high level of anonymity, which is simply not possible in the case of credit and debit cards or traditional online payment systems. Initially, the digital currency began to be used to purchase and sell virtual goods in various online communities: social networks, virtual worlds or online games. But to date, it is quite a profitable business, generating real income in the form of fiat currency.

The Blockchain technology is expected to play a major role in the future of digital payment processing solutions. The Blockchain tech, through the use of encrypted distributed ledgers, provides secure real-time verification of transactions and eliminates the need for mediators such as correspondent banks. Major companies in the financial sector are already on board with the technology. Traditionally, international enterprises face high banking fees and time delays due to physical distance. However, blockchain can improve cross-border payments by offering added security, higher transfer speed, and lower conversion fees. Such payments can be further supported with smart contracts, adding more certainty for the sender and receiver. Additionally, blockchain’s ledger than render the varying ledger systems of banks worldwide obsolete, creating a single, clear record of payments.

Payment Porte is a fintech startup that is building The NEW WAVE of digital payment solutions, utilizing a decentralized, public blockchain, and distributed ledger technology. Faster, less expensive, and brighter technology, will allow individuals and businesses to modernize, whilst taking advantage of enhanced efficiency, and profitability. The Payment Porte platform, which uses Blockchain as the core technology will allow businesses and individuals to partner up with Payment Porte and make all of their cross-border payments frictionless.

Payment Gateway

  • PORTE token, off-ramp (multi currency) to bank account
  • Purchase PORTE, using BTC, BCH, ETH, XLM, or USDC virtual assets
  • Transfer virtual financial assets to bifold wallet for payment transfer and store in a complimentary wallet
  • Multi-signature option for payment transfers
  • Smart contract is generated and holds payments in escrow until those conditions for release are met.
  • Integrated KYC & AML verification in user account setup


Solving the problem of traditional banking via Internet 3.0 technology

Blockchain.Easy to use

download the app on your mobile and start.Affordableway to transfer cross border payments.

Distributed, Decentralizedand P2P technology with no transaction failures

No third party involvement, hence it is secured and fastStellar blockchain provides easy conversionof fiat currency and digital asset sat 1000 trx./sec.

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