The marketing revolution in messengers

Gaming and social media consume the vast majority of consumers’ mobile and desktop time each month. And messaging apps are on the rise.Due to the amount of time spent in messaging apps and the large user bases, the mobile ecosystem represents a prime opportunity for brands to reach out to a large number of existing and prospective consumers.If you want to figure out the future of advertising and technology, look to where consumer technology is going. This is because people define the nature of the ads they see by the platforms they use, because brands follow attention. Consumers choose what’s popular based on where they direct their attention, and brands find ways to tap into that attention to market their products and services. Brands are forced to adopt to new platforms and new attention norms because if they aren’t, their messages won’t resonate and their advertisements won’t perform.While it’s fair to say that many mobile messaging apps will be challenged to attract significant advertising spend with their current products, the opportunity is there for broader monetization strategies with brands. There is simply too much consumer use to ignore these messaging apps. Obviously there are questions about the audience demographic, the interactions, the content and quality of content shared on the platforms, and the brand names of the platforms themselves, but the same doubts existed when social networks first emerged. In the end, user attention has pulled brands into testing and using new platforms to tap into new customer behavior.

Using instant messaging apps for marketing purpose maybe not suitable for every brand. It mainly depends on the target audience and the product, but there is no doubt that instant messaging hides incredible opportunities for brands. Due to the fact that it is even harder to reach out the younger generations with interruption-based ads, instant messaging could be an efficient way to reach and engage with them. Universal Marketing Company (UMC) is the first platform for managing paid content and creating SMART-advertising in instant messengers. The UMC platform is based on smart contracts and operates using high-speed artificial intelligence. It makes advertisements in instant messengers effective, reliable and as convenient as possible. All actions can be performed quickly and easily through the user-friendly interface.Now, it’s easy to manage advertising in instant messengers for absolutely any user – an individual, a large company, a channel owner or an experienced smm-manager. No additional costs and efforts!Universal Marketing Company is already actively developing. The first real product is the Telegram bot. By the time of the ICO launch, it’s passing the second part of the beta test. In parallel, the remaining components of the system are being developed.Flexible settings, built-in analytics, the choice of manual or fully automatic mode, paying for advertising without unnecessary commissions is not the entire list of benefits that each participant of the UMC platform receives.

UMC is an innovation solution for the problems advertisers commonly face:

  • Self-study of statistics, and simultaneously on different resources.
  • Waste of time to select a suitable channel for placement, discussion of conditions.
  • Problems with payment, including possible cards blocking, loss of interest in conversion, commissions.
  • The need for self-verification of compliance with previously agreed conditions.
  • Possible costs for connecting additional specialists: journalists, marketers.
  • Routine analysis of the advertising campaign, in general or separately for each channel.

Ecosystem UMC Platform

Big Data Storage

Big data storage for the huge amounts of information. In the future, processing and computation will be carried out through superfast artificial intelligence.

Integration into the most popular instant messengers

Considering the technical features of each of them. At the moment, there is already a high-grade BOT prototype for Telegram. The development of appropriate versions for the other messengers is underway.

Built-in payment processing module

The possibility of quick and profitable exchange of fiat money or crypto-currency on UMCC within the UMC platform. It becomes the own internal crypto-exchange in the long term.

Universality and comfort

UMC is able to support simultaneously 2 kinds of interfaces – via Messengers or WEB-platform.

Token Information

Another very interesting feature of this platform is the built-in wallet where you can save cryptocurrency, as well as a built-in exchanger, where users will be able to buy internal tokens for both fictitious currencies and other cryptocurrencies.UMCC Token (created in Ethtereum block) will be the only internal payment tool on the UMC platform. These tokens can be purchased at all stages of ICO, in exchange for their listing or on an internal exchanger. The platform will withdraw the percentage of all transactions, and at the end of each quarter, 100% of the net profit will be sent to purchase UMCC tokens at market prices on the external exchanges. The tokens purchased are burned, and the price plan, with emissions reductions, will increase.

Token : UMCC

Supply of Token : 500 000 000 UMCC.

Price token : $ 0.1019

Private Sell: January-June 2018

Pre-Session: July 2018

Token Sales : August 2018.

[01 July, 2018]

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