As with other industries, traditional gaming payment systems are usually slow, cumbersome, and expensive. They can also cause a maldistributed ecosystem of wealth as the middlemen and large vendors benefit the most from those inefficiencies.With cryptocurrency payments, in-app purchases become frictionless as micropayments can transfer directly from players to the game developer. There’s no more need for a middleman in this transaction. The security and immutability of blockchain technology are enough to facilitate this type of trustless exchange.The blockchain also brings value to game distribution. Instead of publishing to a centralized marketplace like the Apple App Store, game developers can reach consumers directly through a decentralized marketplace. Once again avoiding a centralized middleman, the developers pay only a fraction of what they normally would on sales fees.

The process of making games has been bogged down with too many financial hurdles. Yumerium will make development fun again. Yumerium is the decentralized backbone of a new gaming economy that aims to facilitate the transactions between developer and gamers.By introducing blockchain technologies to the development process, new exciting ways for developers to interact with gamers, and vice versa, are born.

Multiplayer games have typically always been about playing the game on a ‘meta’ level. Trading with players in Peer-To-Peer trades, learning how things work together, what is most worth pursuing, and what skills are useful to have. One of the key components of multiplayer gaming is the exchange of goods and services. In many games, players are always weary of scams and scammers. An issue in many multiplayer games where there is player-to-player interaction is the ability to defraud users with fake items, duplicated items, or even sabotage in the form of espionage. Some people can even fake a trade, only to get your money in return for nothing! This ‘layer’ of gaming have always been a thorn in the side of users. This system creates distrust inherently, as you must always assume the other user is dishonest and go from there.

In this post we propose a new model of distributing, discovering and selling video games. By using blockchain and smart contracts we may solve some of the industry crucial problems with discovery, payments and promotion (through influencers). Our model is the first of its kind and has a potential to disrupt the industry for the benefit of game developers, influencers and gamers. We encourage you to share this article with anyone who may be interested in the subject. Remember to follow us for further updates, including upcoming launch of the platform and the first game distributed using our model.

Yumerium is a platform to publish and promote games utilizing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology across all platforms including PC, mobile, and VR. The goal of Yumerium is to create an ecosystem that revolves around game developers which incentivizing gamers to play, win, and have fun YUM is the Yumerium Token and it will be used on the platform’s gaming system to help players get access. It can also be earned by playing, sharing and reviewing games and spent in any gaming network or system that supports Yumerium. Game developers can use YUM to attract and engage with users by using marketing tools such as referral bonus or airdrop/bounty campaign.

As a platform for games, Yumerium will provide technical platform for games to integrate key functions like payment, license management with DRM, incentive system, and a gaming token with real value. The last function, the gaming token, is the most important of all, as it can be used for every aspect of building, distributing, enjoying next generation games.

The Yumerium token is a utility token with real value designed for all gameplay and game development processes. Thus, games based on Yumerium can attract gamers by providing earning (“mining”) opportunities of Yumerium token, which can be used to purchase games or items in all games that support Yumerium. It will also be a game publishing platform for game developers to reach the Yumerium community with promotion tools and incentives associated with Yumerium, including but not limited to

  1. Allocation of “Seeding Fund” that will be open for earning (“mining”) by players.
  2. “Marketing budget” that incentivize players to play and share with their friends, and to speculate and review games for fellow gamers for Yumerium rewards.
  3. Crowdfunding opportunity that gives game developers the opportunity to test their games with the Yumerium community and get funding for their game if the campaign is successful.

Yumerium will also provide cryptocurrency based payment solution that offers a lower fee and instant payment. This is done by removing intermediaries and using blockchain for transparent transaction record which can be audited by anyone any time.

Yumerium players earn YUM tokens through an ongoing blockchain mining process that is triggered by time spent playing. These tokens can later be used with any game on the platform to purchase in-game money, items, perks, or extra functionalities that developers wish to offer.

Other rewarded contributions come from nurturing Yumerium’s the gaming community. Users can receive YUM tokens from their own shares and reviews of games developed on the platform, driving attention to newly published games in an organic way.

This interesting dynamic has caught the attention of developers who are choosing to publish third-party games on Yumerium, fleeing the centralized model of traditional gaming platforms. The incentives are proving to be appealing enough for gamers and innovative game studios alike.

Token Information

Token info

Token YUM
Platform Ethereum
Token Price 0.1 USD
Token for sale 316,906,850 YUM
Token supply 633,813,700 YUM
Soft cap 3,000,000 USD
Hard cap 20,000,000 USD
Accepting ETH, BTC
Restricted countries China, United States of America
Know Your Customer Yes
Whitelist Yes
Bonus – Presale 1: May 24 – June 9: 0%
– Presale 2: June 10 – June 25: 20%
– Presale 3: June 26 – July 10: 10%
– Main sale: July 11 – July 24: 5%

For more information please visit links :

Website: https://www.yumerium.com
Whitepaper : https://www.yumerium.com/resources/files/whitepaper_en.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/yumeriumtoken
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Yumeriumtoken/
Smart-contract: https://github.com/SubdreamAdmin/yumerium
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/yumerium-inc

Telegram group: https://t.me/joinchat/H5o7EE7ncnHvSXJJYWSLYg








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