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What is Spotify Radio?

Spotify Radio is a function of Spotify that lets you create your own semi-custom radio stations. Basically, you start by picking a song, artist, album, genre, or playlist that you like. Then, Spotify will play that song (or a song from the artist, album, genre, or playlist that you chose), and then play a random sequence of songs that are from similar artists or genres.

Spotify allows users to add local audio files for music not in its catalogue into the user's library through Spotify's desktop application, and then allows users to synchronise those music files to Spotify's mobile apps or other computers over the same Wi-Fi network as the primary computer by creating a Spotify playlist, and adding those local. ‎Spotify is the best way to listen to music and podcasts on mobile or tablet. Search for any track, artist or album and listen for free. Make and share playlists. Build your biggest, best ever music collection. Get inspired with personal recommendations, and readymade playlists for just about eve.

Spotify users are turning up the volume — on their complaints. An update to the music streamer’s premium iOS and Android apps that was intended to “streamline” music and podcast browsing. Spotify has reimagined and redesigned the app on mobile. If you previously used Spotify Free on mobile (or Spotify Premium), your app might now look and function a little differently. Spotify Radio has been removed from the free, ad-supported service on mobile. To hear the perfect line-up of tracks at the touch of a button, check out Daily Mix. Spotify has introduced a new feature that will let users block music from artists they no longer want to hear. A 'Don't play this artist' feature appeared in the latest version of the Spotify app.

You can then either like or dislike each song that you hear. Based on how you rate what you hear, Spotify will play more songs that are similar to the ones that you like, and avoid songs that are similar to the ones that you don’t like.

In other words, you can use your Spotify music collection and Spotify Playlists to keep the songs you already like in order, and use Spotify Radio to discover new songs that you might enjoy. You can even use your music and playlists to power Spotify Radio, making its recommendations even more accurate!


How does Spotify Radio work?

  1. Open the Spotify application on your device of choice and log in.

  2. Click Radio in the left-hand menu.

  3. In the top-right corner of the main window, click New Station.

  4. This will cause a search window to appear. If you haven’t typed anything in yet, it will simply display popular artists on Spotify. When you do begin typing in search terms, it will display songs, artists, albums, or playlists whose names match. Click one to start a radio station.

  5. In the main window, you will see the current song playing for this station, as well as a history of songs that have played previously. When you have the current song selected, click the thumbs-down icon to dislike the song (which will automatically skip it), or click the thumbs-up icon to like it (which automatically adds it to a playlist called “Liked From Radio”). This will help Spotify learn what songs to play for you and which ones to avoid.

    You can also simply click the arrow icon here to skip the song.

  6. If you move your mouse cursor over a song’s album artwork, you will have some additional options.

    Click the “+” icon to add the song to your collection of music, or click the “” icon for advanced options, such as starting a playlist by adding this song to it, or sharing this song with your friends on Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.

  7. You can also click the Queue icon to see what songs are coming up, or click History at the top of the screen to see a complete history of the songs you’ve listened to on this radio station.

  8. You can have up to 20 radio stations at once. Click Radio and scroll down to the “Your Stations” section. Click on the button in the middle of a station to play it, or click the “X” in the top-right corner of a station to get rid of it.

    (NOTE: You can’t delete the station that you’re currently listening to.)

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That’s a brief walkthrough on how to use Spotify Radio!

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