Download Spotify Offline Playlists To Samsung Gear 3

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Spotify app for the Samsung Gear S2 and Gear S3 is set to get awesome with the new offline playback feature that will be released soon. Spotify and Samsung are adding an offline playback mode that let you save playlists to the Frontier and Classic smartwatches. This update is coming after the initial official release of its music stream app earlier this year. Overall, the official app functions far better than the Wammer app which was released late last year.

This news is quite exciting because this will be the first smartwatch to sport this feature. This means that you don't have to rely solely on Samsung's own music app to transfer music to the Gear S3. Samsung's website in Sweden gave this wonderful information and it states that the 'Listen Offline' service will now let you play music downloaded to the app without an internet connection. All you have to do is pair any Bluetooth headphone or a wireless Bluetooth speaker to listen to good music from the Gear S3. Alternatively, you can listen to music through the Gear S3 built-in speaker.

The Samsung Gear S3 Classic and Gear S3 Frontier have both gotten a pretty important feature, this week. And that is the ability to play Spotify music offline. This is a feature that the Gear S3.

If your Gear S3 is LTE-enabled, you can stream music over Wi-Fi or a data connection. This app lets you control music playback, browse through charts, search artists and scroll through your playlists. Though it hasn't appeared yet, the beta version of the new Listen Offline mode is probably rolling out now. This feature will probably be added gradually as the home of Spotify will be included first.

Top-of-the-line apps which use the rotating bezel to control the smart thermostat designed by the likes of BMW and Nest were only recently released despite being unveiled alongside the Gear S3 late last year. Samsung's Tizen-running smartwatches are struggling to be on par with what is obtainable in Apple and Google's storefronts. App support for Tizen smartwatches has been quite slow thus the news that Samsung Gear S3 which runs on Tizen OS will benefit from a feature that Apple Watch and Android Wear watches owners don't have is obviously a victory for Tizen and Samsung.

How to download spotify music to galaxy watch

Part 1. Use Spotify Offline on Samsung Gear with Spotify Premium

Samsung is one of the two official partners of Spotify for playing Spotify songs offline on portable Spotify player. You will be able to use Samsung Gear S3 series to listen to music outside, even the Gear S3 doesn't connect with Internet network due to its offline playback feature.

However, you should make sure you have been subscribing a premium account on Spotify, because Spotify only offers paying subscribers to download all content from Spotify, including artists, songs and albums offline. As for free Spotify users, they can also get free access to Spotify library of over '35 million songs' but listen to them on Gear S3 with Internet required. To learn more, you can visit this source page: Spotify Free vs Premium.

With upgrading to Spotify Premium subscription, you can refer to the following detailed tutorial to listen to Spotify on Samsung Gear S3 without phone.

How to Install Spotify on Samsung Wearable Devices

Step 1. On your mobile phone, there is a 'Apps' option at the Home screen and please touch it.


Step 2. Hit on 'Samsung Gear...' option.

Step 3. Click the 'SETTINGS' tab and then touch 'Apps' to browse by category or search for Spotify app by name.

Step 4. Once found out the Spotify app, please touch it and simply tap the 'DOWNLOAD' to install. It will automatically install on your smart watch.

Note: Before you install Spotify on your Samsung Gear S3, please mark sure your wearable device is paired with your phone through Bluetooth.

Play Spotify Music Offline on Samsung Gear

Step 1. Open the Spotify app on Samsung wearable device and go to the Settings.

Download Spotify Playlist To Samsung Watch

Step 2. In the setting window, please select the Offline option and turn 'Download using cellular' on.

Step 3. Please enter to the 'My Music' -> 'Your Playlists' to choose your favorite Spotify song.

Download Spotify Offline Playlists To Samsung Gear 3.1

Step 4. Go down to the place where is a 'Download' option and turn it on as 'Downloading'.

Download Spotify Offline Playlists To Samsung Gear 32

Step 5. When you done, please go back to the Setting -> Offline tab and select 'Go offline' and click OK to confirm it.

How To Download Spotify Music To Galaxy Watch

Now, you can enjoy Spotify songs or playlists on Samsung Gear S3 under the offline mode even without carrying phone.