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Apparently, some wise guy is trying to cash in on the service's popularity by releasing a fake Spotify application.Priced at $0.99, it bears the same name and even uses an icon similar to the one the real app is recognized by, which is why an unsuspecting user can be easily fooled into downloading the rip-off and ending up with software they didn't really want nor need.

Spotify is already available as a free app for Windows Phone devices from the Windows Phone Marketplace, and now it would seen that a developer called khanmish has managed to sneak a Spotify app into the Windows Phone Marketplace and is charging for the application.


The fake Spotify app is being sold for $9.99 or £0.79 through the Windows Phone Marketplace, and for your $0.99 all you get is some music news feeds, so basically the app is a complete scam.

Hopefully Microsoft will have this fake app removed from the Marketplace shortly, although according to the guys from Wpcentral, the app has been there since the 20th of December.

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Fake Spotify Apps

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