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This offer has now closed (as of September 3rd).

Spotify is now offering existing and new users a free Google Home Mini through November 15 or until supplies last. The deal is offering the previous Goggle Home Mini generation and not the newly. Get Spotify Premium Free on Google Home Mini: Best Substitution Spotify has launched the 3-month free trial for a long time. Apart from registering a new Spotify account to get the free trial of Premium, there is another applicable method to get the features of Spotify Premium. For a while last year, Spotify was giving away free Google Home Mini speakers to its Spotify Premium for Family subscribers. Now, it’s bringing back the offer and extending it to individual. How to get a free Google Home Mini with Spotify Premium for Family: 1. Visit 2. Login to your account, or sign up for one. Select the Spotify Premium for Family subscription. Pay $14.99 for a month's subscription, and checkout. You will get an email, with a link to order a Google Home Mini, for free. The free Google Home.

This offer was available only while supplies lasted, and we quickly ran out due to high demand.

Free Spotify Premium Google Home Mini

Did you register but not get an email?

Spotify premium free google home mini canada

Note: Registration for this offer closed after September 3rd.

If you registered while the offer was available but didn’t get an email yet, we’re very sorry.

We expect to have a limited number of additional devices from Google ready between October and December. If one becomes available for you, we’ll send you an email with a link to order during that time.

Unfortunately, we can't speed up this process, but we are working with Google to deliver more devices as soon as possible.

When does it arrive?

Once you’ve placed your order, you can check the status of your device here.

Color choices

We can’t guarantee availability for your favorite color. If it’s not available when you go to select it, it’s best to go with a different color.

Google Home Mini From Spotify

Swaps and returns

Unfortunately, Google Store can’t process exchanges for products redeemed through promotions.

If your Google Nest Mini arrives damaged or broken, visit Google's Warranty Center.

Who’s not eligible?

You’re not eligible if you:

  • Use a non-recurring payment method (e.g. a gift card)
  • Are in a trial offer period
    Tip: You can forfeit your remaining trial period if you like. There’s an option to accept this when you reserve your Google Nest Mini.
  • Are an invited member of a Family/Duo plan
  • Have Premium with a partner company (e.g. your phone provider)
  • Have previously redeemed a Google Nest Mini or Google Home Mini through a Spotify promotional campaign

Check out all the eligibility requirements.

TL;DR: Get a Google Home Mini free of charge when you sign up for (or already have) Spotify Premium (individual or family plan) — starting at just $9.99 per month.

Who likes free stuff? We like free stuff. Especially when that free stuff is a smart speaker.

How To Get Spotify Premium Free Google Home Mini

This is a really good deal, so hop on it while supplies last: If you’re a Spotify Premium user (whether you’ve had it for years or are just signing up today), you can get a free Google Home Mini. Yes, you read that correctly and we read the fine print for you — Spotify is giving away Google Home Minis to all Spotify Premium users. Hurry up and get yours asap.

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Google Home Free With Spotify Premium

If you don’t already know what Spotify is, it’s a music streaming service that’ll give you access to millions of tunes and podcasts to forever fill the silence. Download your favorites to jam in offline mode, or connect your account to your home speakers for a dance party. Speaking of connecting Spotify to your speakers, the streaming service will actually pair perfectly with your new (and free) Google Home Mini. You can also use the voice-controlled smart speaker to get information about the weather, set up your daily tasks, control your other smart devices, and more with the Google Assistant.

Free Spotify Premium Google Home Mini

What are you waiting for? Get your free Google Home Mini while you still can when you sign up for a Spotify Premium subscription (starting at just $9.99 per month).