How Do You Download Music From Spotify Onto Your Phone

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Learn how to download songs from Spotify onto your phone, tablet or computer to play it offline and remove it if you no longer need it. Get Tech Support 1-833-202-2695 Enterprise Solutions ›.

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Do you want to download Spotify music without premimu then transfer to Android ?

Spotify allows users to download music only when opting for a monthly subscription. They even receive the chance to save their favorites in offline mode to listen later. However, music lovers now have an enthralling way to download Spotify music without the necessity to opt for the Premium version.

Part 1. How to Download Music from Spotify without Premium

The endorsed software for downloading music from Spotify without paying a penny is iMusic. The application is a platform for music lovers where they can download, transfer songs between computer and iOS/Android handsets, between iPhone/iPod/iPad and Android devices, remove duplicates, and clear widespread collection of music.

iMusic - All-in-One Tool: Download, Record, Transfer and Manage Music

  • Discover– Search for song, artist, genre, or playlist and download the same.
  • Download – Get music from over 3,000 websites on the internet including famed YouTube, Facebook, VEVO, and others.
  • Record – Save streaming audio files from the web in MP3 format.
  • Backup/Rebuild – Backup a library and ship it to other system and rebuild.
  • Fix - Repair all the problems in your iTunes library with a single click.
  • Toolbox – Additional choices for advanced music management.

iMusic delivers the needed option to save songs from Spotify in two different methods. The continuing passages will present information about the two processes that will help you in downloading Spotify songs without opting for Premium.

2 Ways to Download Spotify Music without Premium for Android Phone

Method 1: Using the Discover feature

As stated, iMusic has an in-built library with tens of thousands of songs, which a user can find under the Discover feature. They can search for a song, an artist, an album, a playlist, or the latest trending songs with the powerful search box.

Step 1: Install iMusic software on your computer. Choose the trial edition offered by aimersoft. After completing the installation, start the program, and tap “GET MUSIC” from the menu bar. From the sub-menu, choose the “DISCOVER” feature.

Step 2: From this window, you can begin searching for a song using genre, artist, playlist, and top list. You can further use the search box to find a song directly. For each entity entered in the box, the software will display the hottest song, artist, playlist or genre automatically.

To choose GENRES, press the GENRES tab and pick any of the listed formats.

For ARTISTS, click the ARTISTS tab, and you can browse artists according to alphabetical order or click the HOTTEST ARTIST for the current trending artist.

For happening PLAYLISTS, press PLAYLISTS tab and you will notice the lists arranged according to type, scene, mood, and top list. You can download a playlist from here as well.

Press TOP LISTS to choose the top lists from Spotify and other music streaming websites.


Step 3: Click the play button to open the songs within a playlist. You can select all the songs, or choose a few, and press the download button to save them to the computer.

Method 2: Using the Download feature

Step 1: Launch the iMusic software by clicking the icon on the desktop. From the menu bar, tap “Get Music” option, and tap “Download” choice from the sub-menu as shown in the figure below. The window will contain an URL paste box along with direct access to some of the music streaming websites.

Step 2: Open Spotify site using a browser. Search for a song, artist, or playlist. Copy the URL of the same from the site. Now, paste the copied URL from Spotify website in the URL paste box within the iMusic application window. Select the output according to the requirement, and click Download to save the file to the computer.

How Do You Download Music From Spotify Onto Your Phone Number

Step 4: You can furthermore gain access to Spotify directly by clicking the website from the link provided within the window, and search for the song using the search box. You can then choose the quality and output format, and press the Download button to save it to the computer.

Step 5:iMusic will save all the songs in the library automatically, which you can access by clicking the Library tab from the menu bar.

Of course, transferring music to an Android phone is simple. However, if the songs are not in the format as supported by Android, then you need an additional method that will help you transfer the downloaded Spotify music to the preferred Android phone. The method that you are going to talk about is by using iMusic.

Part 2. How to Transfer Downloaded Spotify Music to Android Phone via iMusic

Step 1: The basic procedure involves downloading the trial variant of iMusic from the aimersoft website. After installing it, run the program, and then connect the Android phone to the computer using the preferred USB cable. iMusic automatically detects the presence of the device and will display the information under the “Device” tab.

Note: Enable USB debugging mode if you are unable to see your device in the display window.

Step 2: From the presentation window, tap the music icon that appears in the left corner of the submenu. It will open up the list of the songs are available on the device. To add the downloaded Spotify songs, you need to press the “plus symbol,” which can be found on the right side in the submenu as shown in the picture below. Clicking it will open a new window where you can navigate to the songs downloaded from Spotify using iMusic. After making the selection, press Open to add them to the Android device.

If you are using a Mac to transfer the songs to the Android device, you have the option to “Add/Convert Music” feature. Clicking the feature will open a window that will allow you to browse songs on the Mac. The same function will also convert the songs into a format recognizable and playable on an Android device. You can select individual songs or an entire folder. You can also browse iTunes library and select the songs to add them to the Android device.

When it comes to the world of music, Spotify has almost all the tracks in its database you can wish for. However, due to licensing issues, there might be scenarios when you can’t find your favorite local music files in there. I am a fan of Bollywood music but there are many albums that are not available on Spotify due to same issue.

So when it came to listening to songs on Spotify mobile, either I had to stick to what was available or open the stock music player to play the songs that are saved in the internal SD card.

I was desperately looking for a way to sync local music files to a mobile device in a way Spotify would recognize and play them. After spending some time on the app and online forums I found a way to accomplish the task.

So let’s see how we can sync local music files to Spotify mobile app.

Spotify Mobile App Syncing

Step 1: First of all, we will have to import local music to Spotify desktop application. To do this, open the Spotify app on your computer and click on the Edit –> Preferences to open Spotify configuration.

Step 2: In preferences, look for Local Files and check the sources you want to show the local music from. You can directly add sources like Windows Media Player and iTunes library by simply checking the respective options. If you would like to add selective folders, click on the Add Source button and browser for the folder. Spotify will scan all the files and folders and the music files to Spotify.

Step 3: All the files you import to Spotify can be viewed and played from Local Files section under Collection in the sidebar. If you have too many files in your local repository, creating playlists from local files would be a great idea.

Step 4: Now connect your smartphone to the same wireless network and open the Spotify app. Make sure you are signed in using the same account that you are using on the desktop app and click on the Devices section under Main in sidebar. iPod users can use the cable to connect.

Note: Android users facing problems in connection, make sure you have your device drivers installed on the computer and USB debugging mode is active under Android development settings.

Step 5: Once the desktop application identifies the connected device, it will show you a pop-up asking whether you would like to sync the device with Spotify. Click on the button to open the sync window.

Step 6: The app will list all the playlists you have created in your Spotify account along with local files you have imported from your hard disk. If you would like to sync the entire local library, check Local Files. The sync process will start instantaneously and all the tracks will sync to your iPod for offline playing.

The syncing might take time depending on the number of tracks you are trying to sync. Just make sure you don’t exceed the device capacity.


So that was how you can sync local files that you have purchased from different sources to the Spotify mobile app. As far as free users are concerned, I feel that you can listen to locally synced songs on your mobile. According to Spotify TOS, only on-demand mobile streaming requires premium account. As I am on a premium account, I cannot test the functionality for basic users, but I was hoping you guys can let me know if it works.

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