Lyric Apps That Work With Spotify

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With more than 15 million songs on Spotify, deciding what to listen to can be overwhelming. This list highlights the best Spotify apps for discovering new music, reading album reviews and exploring the social buzz of emerging bands.

  1. Show Lyrics On Spotify
  • No lyrics are displayed for the song you are listening through Spotify or iTunes? Please check if the Musixmatch app is currently running on your system. Go to Task Manager Startup and then right-click on the program and select Enable Musixmatch from the popup menu.
  • The only reason I have spotify is for use with Algoriddim Djay. I stream less tracks then the average user, (im sure you will verify that by running my account) which makes me more profitable than regular listeners, as i purchase a family subscription despite being one user.
  • Spotify will now let you search for songs by their lyrics on iOS and Android, a feature that has been available in Apple Music since 2018. Just type in some lyrics into Spotify’s search bar.

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1. Fuse

Spotify is one most popular online music streaming services. There are number of factors which make Spotify a better service to try. Now, there are number of free Spotify plugins / add-ons / apps available on Internet which would make this online music streaming service a far more better thing to try. These Spotify plugins / add-ons / app makes Spotify more fun more by letting you see lyrics. Make sure Spotify is open (download it here). Click the purple button below the song artwork in the right column (on mobile, it’s located at the bottom of the page ). It looks like this.

Best for: Creative playlists The Fuse Spotify app is a perfect resource for curated playlists. With a gorgeous, image-heavy layout, the app is fun to use and very visually appealing. Fuse's 'What We're Listening To' playlist features over 200 tracks and is updated by staff members daily. You probably won't find new songs with this app, but you will enjoy the creative approach Fuse takes when compiling its playlists, such as 'This Niles Rodgers Playlist is Like the History of Disco and Dance,' 'The Daft Punk Samples Playlist' and 'Single Ladies: The Best One-Named Female Singers.'

2. Blue Note

Best for: Perusing classic jazz songs Blue Note is an essential Spotify app for jazz enthusiasts. The app features more than 70 years of music. Its interactive timeline and filters let you customize your browsing selection. 'View' or 'Read More' links bring you to a landing page with historical context and profiles of contributing artists. 'Add as Playlist' and 'Share' buttons make the interactive experience social, too.

3. TuneWiki

Best for: Looking up lyrics Say goodbye to those '[song name] +lyrics' Google searches. The TuneWiki Spotify app generates lyrics for whatever track you're listening to, and then as the music plays, it automatically bolds the current line. The app struggles with more experimental music like Dillon Francis and XXYYXX; since the words are so muddled, it simply says: [Instrumental] (Instrumental) {Instrumental} And I have to admit, I appreciated the creativity in conveying the different sets of instrumentals.


Show Lyrics On Spotify

4. Emerge

Best for: Tracking social buzz of emerging artists The Emerge Spotify app uses data visualization to track new artists you care about. While most apps on the Internet try to cater to Millennials' notoriously short attention spans, Emerge takes a more long-term approach: It tracks social buzz and Spotify activity of 10 upcoming artists over a six-week period.

5. Pitchfork

Best for: Alternative music discovery Pitchfork's publication is exceptional for finding new music, so it's no surprise that its Spotify app is equally helpful. You can browse album reviews in three ways: an all-inclusive stream, the best new albums, or Pitchfork-made playlists. Each album listed comes with a numerical rating, an 'Add as Playlist' option, and a 'Share Album' option, as well as a full-length, Pitchfork-style album review.

6. Rolling Stone Recommends

Best for: Reading reviews of new releases The Rolling Stone Spotify app works hard in all the right places. The interface is hassle-free and the album and song reviews are hosted directly on Spotify. A large selection of the playlists are curated by top artists, from David Guetta to Tom Petty.

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