Play Pause Mac Buttons Dont Work Spotify

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Hello brad8148 and welcome to Apple Support Communities.

Pause / Play Not working broken. Choose Preferences in the Chrome menu in the menu bar. Click Extensions in the left sidebar. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. Click Keyboard Shortcuts. Look at the key bindings in the Google Play Music section. Click the X in each dropdown. I used that button all the time to play/pause Spotify when it's playing in the background. Looked around in preferences for both the system and Spotify and couldn't find anything. Hopefully there is an easy fix.

I see you're having an issue when playing music and podcasts from your iPhone using AirPods Pro.

You mention that sometimes you have to tap the Play button more than once in order to get audio going. Does this ever happen when you are not using the AirPods Pro?

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If it only happens when using the AirPods Pro, then try resetting them. The article here has a title about not being able to connect, but the reset steps in it are valid for this issue as well.

Play pause mac buttons don

Play Pause Mac Buttons Don't Work Spotify Account