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A lot of Android users are complaining that Spotify doesn't work on their phone's lock screen. Ideally, when you are listening to songs on Spotify and lock your screen, you should be able to see a lock screen widget with a few details — album art, song title, singer, and buttons to control the playback.

During my research, I found that the problem is not specific to select phone models but can happen on any smartphone. That can be frustrating as most people like to listen to music when doing other stuff like working out, traveling and other activities. Unlocking the phone just to interact with the Spotify app seems tedious.

Let’s take a look at some potential solutions.

1. Try to Log out and Log Back In

Some of our readers suggest that logging out and then logging back in helped them resolve this issue. After that, they were able to see the Spotify widget on their smartphone’s lock screen. To sign out, tap on the Settings icon on the upper right and scroll to the bottom of the screen to find the Log out option.

Then you can sign in using your email ID or Facebook account. Use the same method you tried the first time so that you don’t end up creating a new account instead. Check if you can see the Spotify music widget on the lock screen now and if the controls are working.

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2. Notification Settings

Every app that you install on your Android smartphone comes with its own set of notification settings that dictates what happens when the phone is locked. Let’s take a look at Spotify notification settings.

Open Settings and then tap on Notifications & status bar. Check that the Show notification icons and Show on Lock screen options are toggled on. Otherwise, you won’t see notifications or shortcuts for any app on the lock screen. Tap on App notifications.

Scroll to the bottom of the screen to find Spotify — the list is always in alphabetical order. Unlike before, these notification settings pertain to the specific app. In this case, Spotify. Make sure that Show notifications and App icon badge is toggled on.

There are two more settings left in the above screenshot. First is Playback which will allow you to control your music on the lock screen. Tap to open it and make sure that Show notifications option is toggled on. Other settings in this screen are optional. Similarly, the Show notifications should be toggled on for Spotify Music too.

Spotify app for android phone

Now open Spotify and play a song. Lock your screen and check if you can see the Spotify playback widget there.

Note: Samsung users have shared that setting the View Style to Detailed under Settings-Lock Screen-Notifications-View Style also helped them resolve the issue. If you have that option on your Android, then try it because I don’t. Manufacturers are known to alter stock Android with their spin for some reason!

3. Power Saving Mode Off

Power Saving mode is a handy feature until it gets in the way of how an app functions. Power Saving mode keeps your apps in check and prevents them from consuming too many resources like CPU, GPS, and battery juice unnecessarily when they are not actively being used or when the phone is locked. They can often act like an overprotective parent leading to apps not working correctly.

To check, open Settings and tap on Battery & performance. Again, your smartphone may have slightly different settings (it may be called Battery Optimization instead) depending on your make and model. Tap on Choose apps to configure individual app settings.

Either search for Spotify or open it by scrolling. Tap on it to open. Tap on No restrictions to stop your smartphone from preventing Spotify to function correctly in the background when the phone is locked.

4. Clean Reinstall

Spotify stores all your songs and playlists on its servers, there is no harm in uninstalling the app. But we want to do a clean install. First, log out of Spotify like you did in the first step above. Now open Settings and tap on Installed Apps. Find Spotify and open it.

Tap on Force stop to halt any running activity behind the screen. Tap on Clear data and select Clear all data. That should remove all temporary files and folders from your phone.

Finally, tap on Uninstall on the same screen to remove Spotify from your smartphone. Go back to the Play Store and install Spotify again. See if you can see Spotify music widget on the lock screen now.

5. Lock Screen Manager

The good thing about the Android platform is that it is endlessly customizable. That means there is an app out there that can manage and customize your lock screen. Some of our users have had success with this method. We have already covered three lock screen apps for Android, so check them out. There are many others on the Play Store too.

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Spot It

Spotify is one of the best music streaming app out there. I love it because it makes it easier to follow other's curated playlists. While most of the time it works fine right out of the box, there are times when there is a conflict between app and system settings.

Spotify Download For Android

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WhatsApp is one of the most downloaded Android apps.

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You can delete Spotify account on your Android, iPhone or Windows PC/Laptops. Users can get rid off Spotify app easily. I will also share a method to delete your Spotify subscription and remove Spotify account. You can delete Spotify permanently from your device. You will able to remove all your account related information from the Spotify app.

Spotify For Android Phones

Everything in the world has its alternative whether its an app, service or a social media website. Spotify also has its many alternatives which found much better than Spotify. Thus, many of want to stop our journey with Spotify here and want to continue a new journey with a new platform like Amazon Music, Google Play Music, or Apple Music. Though, we want to delete our Spotify account permanently. However, if you have made your mood to stop using a particular service then its the best choice to delete the entire account of yours from there, this article is all about the same.


Spotify Android App Id Apps

How to Cancel my Spotify Subscription

Spotify says that before a user is going to delete his or her Spotify account, he or she needs to cancel the subscription first. So, before you head up to delete Spotify account, you have to cancel your currently active subscription from your Spotify account. But, there is a thing which you have to note. That thing is, Spotify does not support the service on their official apps. Though, you will not be able to cancel your subscription from your Android or iPhone mobile phone. Of course, for that, you can use any of the web browsers that are available on the App Store.

  1. Open LINK on your web browser.
  2. Click Profile then click Account.
  3. Now, click Manage Plan then click on Change or Cancel.
  4. Then, click Cancel Premium.
  5. Lastly, click on Yes, Cancel button.

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How to Delete Spotify Account on Android, iPhone, iPad

If you want to delete your Spotify account on your handy device that is Android, iPhone or iPad. Then, I have to say that I have bad news. The bad news is that Spotify does not support the account deletion system in the app. As you know that we use the app of the Spotify in our Android or iPhone. Though, you can say that this service is not available in the app of Spotify. However, if you want to delete Spotify account permanently, then you can use a web browser on Android, iPhone or iPad to do so.

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How to Delete Spotify Account Permanently

Finally, you are here to know how to delete Spotify account permanently. Before you start learning how to delete Spotify account and to do it. I want to tell you one thing that Spotify keep the records of their users at least three months after the account deletion. Such that you can retrieve your account back if you would like to do it. Also, there are no hidden charges to delete an account from Spotify and to get your deleted account back within three months. The details method about how to delete Spotify account is given down below. Follow the step by step guide to delete Spotify account permanently.

Spotify Android App Id App

  1. Open LINK link in a web browser.
  2. Now, click on the Login button and log in to your account.
  3. Then, click on Account option from the list.
  4. After that click, I want to close my Spotify account permanently option.
  5. Lastly, click on Close Account button.
  6. Now, review your account and click Continue.
  7. Tick the checkbox of the label I understand, and still want to close my account.
  8. Then, click on the Continue button.
  9. After that, check your mailbox and click continue button on the mailbox.
  10. That’s it. You Spotify account has been deleted permanently.

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We have seen that how to delete Spotify account permanently. Not even that, we have also checked that we can not delete a Spotify account from our Android phone or Apple’s iPhone. It is the only way to delete Spotify account permanently. Also, this was the only official way to delete Spotify account. If somehow you have deleted your Spotify account and wanted to get it back. Then, you can retrieve your entire account within three months, which we have seen in the earlier part of the article. You can share this article with the friend or colleague who is not going to use his or her Spotify account any longer. Though, he or she can learn about how to delete Spotify account and aim the job.

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