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Spotify is my favorite and most used service I have, even more than TV and streaming services. Everyday I use Spotify whether I am in the car, working in the office, cooking, chores, and anytime I want tunes Spotify is on. No software or service is without its flaws and nuances but one issue got to a point I needed to address it. That issue was with the desktop app from Spotify.

Check Whether Your Internet Connection is Available. As Spotify is a streaming music service, only. Some managed to fix the issue by doing one of the following: Disabling Firewall and Anitvirus Running it in compatability mode Opening as administrator.

Over time the desktop app became slower and slower, less responsive to the point of taking minutes to load one playlist. Uninstalling completely and reinstalling worked for a short time but eventually the app would degrade to that level of poor performance. That told me it wasn’t my machine but something with the app.

I searched for solutions and if others had the same problem and found may posts that did but no good solutions that worked. Until I came across a lone post with complicated steps. I went through those and those worked well.

The problem comes down to the cache management of the Spotify app. Overtime the cache files grow to a size that passed efficiency to the point of being very large and therefore more difficult the computer to use them without expending more memory and processing which becomes counter-productive. The solution is to clear out the cache files and then set a configuration setting in the Spotify setup files to cap the cache size to not bloat.

This post is to simplify those steps for both MacOS and Windows.

  1. Close Spotify if running. Open Finder.
  2. Under the Go menu option select Go To Folder. (ShiftCommand-G)
  3. Type in or paste this ~/Library/Caches/com.spotify.client/
  4. Click Go or hit Enter on the keyboard.
  5. In this folder you should see a Browser folder, Data, fsCachedData and other files. Delete all the contents. Command-A to select all, move to trash.
  6. Go back to the Finder. Same as Step 2 and 3 go to folder ~/Library/Application Support/Spotify/
  7. In this folder, look for a file called perfs.
  8. Open perfs in a text editor.
  9. Add the text in bold at the end of the file. This will limit the cache to 1024MN or 1GB. You can set this to whatever you want but this will cap the cache and not let it grow to an unlimited size. storage.size=1024
  10. Save the file.
  11. Delete the PersistentCache folder.
  1. Note <your username> is your windows login. Go to the folder C:Users<your username>AppDataLocalSpotify.
  2. Delete these folders – Browser, Storage and Data.
  3. Go to the C:Users<your username>AppDataRoamingSpotify folder.
  4. In this folder, look for a file called perfs
  5. Open perfs in Notepad or other text editor.
  6. Add the text in bold at the end of the file. This will limit the cache to 1024MN or 1GB. You can set this to whatever you want but this will cap the cache and not let it grow to an unlimited size. storage.size=1024
  7. Save the file.

Those steps for Mac and Windows should resolve the Spotify desktop performance degradation you are experiencing. It has for me and I wouldn’t waste my time writing this out if it didn’t.

Spotify App Is Not Responding

For fun here are my top personal playlists if you are so inclined –

  • Baseball Hype Music – Played music for my son’s youth baseball team before and in between innings. This is the playlist.

End of line.

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Perhaps, one of the most popular of apps on Microsoft store is Spotify. This music app can be used as an extension with many other applications, thus it stands way ahead of its rivals. However, as complex applications a it has, it isn’t perfect. Many errors have been reported with the app, one of which is:

“The Spotify application is not responding”

While trying to open the app.


The issue could be with the process or the system itself. But the most probable reason is that the process is overloaded.

The following solutions could help with the problem:

Solution 1] Kill the process in Task Manager

The application is probably not launching because it is already open but not responding. Before trying any other solution, we would need to kill the process in Task Manager and reinitiate it.

Spotify app doesn

1] Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to open the Security options window.

2] Select and open the Task Manager from the list.

3] In the list of processes, find the Spotify process. Right-click and End the process.

4] Restart your system and launch the Spotify app again.

Solution 2] Clean uninstall and reinstall of the Spotify app

If killing the process didn’t work, the app might be corrupt itself. In such a case, we could uninstall the Spotify app complete and reinstall it. However, we need to make sure that no traces of the app or its components should remain in the system.

1] Press Win + R to open the Run window. Type control and hit Enter to open the Control Panel window.

2] Go to Programs and features and it will display the list of applications installed on the system.

3] Find Spotify, right-click on it and Uninstall it.

Spotify App Doesn't Respond Alexa

However, the cache and files of the previously installed version would remain.

4] Navigate to the following path on the File explorer:


Where C: drive is your system drive and <Username> is the username of your system.

5] Delete the Spotify folder.

It might happen that users would be unable to find the AppData folder. Please unhide hidden folders to access the same.


4] Once done, you could restart the system and reinstall the Spotify application.

Spotify The Application Is Not Responding

Hope it helps!

Why Is The Spotify App Not Responding

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