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Step 1: Free download the Spotify music downloader for iPhone, launch and click 'Download' tab to get ready for Spotify music downloads to iPhone. Go to to find a target song/music. Or search music/songs of your Spotify playlist like Linkin Park's Songs on YouTube, Vevo or other sites. Copy and paste songs URL to address bar.


Downloads storage. On iPhone, Spotify saves downloaded music in an encrypted form on your device’s storage. If you need more room for a new download, iOS automatically frees up space by deleting any unused stored data. If no more stored data can be deleted, you need to free up space by manually removing downloaded tracks. Plan Premium Country sweden Device iPhone 11 PRO, Apple Watch 4 My Question since i bought the 11 PRO i cant use the Spotify app on my watch. I can Open the Spotify app on the watch but cant hit play or next. It wont even show what i play on my iPhone. I have reinstalled it and everything bu. Apple Music is a close second to Spotify and it's the only one of our top three with a digital locker to store your own library of songs - YouTube Music, below, is the other music locker option.

Step 2: Click '...' to specify the output folder path to save the downloaded music on Spotify.

Step 3: Hit '+' to start the short music downloading process. The default downloaded format is MP3 or MP4.

Spotify App Download Free

Attention: We do not advocate illegal use of downloaded Spotify songs MP3 and suggest you respect the copy right of the contributors.