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<img src=';h=400' alt='Google_Play_3' width='400' height='400' srcset=';h=400 400w,;h=150 150w,;h=300 300w, 512w' sizes='(max-width: 400px) 100vw, 400px' />As the first-ever BlackBerry smartphone powered by Android, the PRIV brings incredible new features to the platform and gives you full access to over 1 million applications: whether it’s Instagram, Spotify, Uber or BBM, you’ll find it on Google Play.

The PRIV gives users a new way to experience all the apps in Google Play. With DTEK™ by BlackBerry, you can use all your apps with confidence knowing your privacy is protected.

I'm trying to install spotify on my Blackberry by typing in the phone's browser, I am allways redirected to Is there another way to download the app for blackberry?

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Spotify has now officially rolled-out its mobile app for BlackBerry smartphones. The app had been available as a preview release for the last two months from the Spotify website, but it has now. Is it safe to download, install, and use Spotify Premium apk? Yes, it is completely safe to download, install, and use Spotify Premium apk on Android devices. We always perform thorough tests on Android apps to check for viruses and malicious codes, and we found the Spotify Premium app to be completely safe from viruses and security issues. Spotify Lite is an alternative version of Spotify that takes up far less space, but provides all the same features while using as few of your resources as possible. All in all this colossally useful music streaming app takes up a mere 15MB on your phone in its 'lite' version.

All the apps in Google Play also benefit from the new features on the PRIV without any compromise to the app experience. The PRIV extends the app experience by consolidating email conversations and feeds from social media, BBM and more into the BlackBerry Hub. Easily access your conversations in the Hub or in their native apps.

Spotify blackberry app download pc

With a 5.4-inch curved display and slider keyboard, apps have access to the full screen to create an immersive experience. The combination of the great camera, potent battery and slide-out keyboard add a new dimension to apps. Read our other posts from today’s launch of PRIV diving deep into these features.

Use all your favorite apps knowing your privacy is protected with DTEK. And, the BlackBerry Hub helps you stay connected with your friends and family.

Over the next several weeks, look for more posts diving deep into the PRIV’s specs and some of the featured apps you’ll be able to access via PRIV.

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Want to learn more? Take a look at some of the positive feedback the phone’s receiving. And if you’re looking to catch a glimpse of the device, you can also check out the official gallery or the feature review video.

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Also, find out where you can buy or order your PRIV and, once you have it in hand, check out our Getting Started with PRIV guide to set it up, transfer your old data and become a power user fast.