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The Swedish music streaming app which got founded in 2006 has been beloved by a vast number of public/users ever since. The audio streaming platform, which is known as Spotify, provides us with a wide range of recorded music and podcasts, including songs from all around the world belonging to Record Labels and Media Companies. The app is undoubtedly a big hit and does get accessed in various devices like Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, and in our Android phones as well as tabs.

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Spotify is now finally out for users for free, which can get accessed via your mobile Smartphone or tablet. There are a bunch of other music streaming applications out here, and if you are wondering to why to choose Spotify Mod APK, then you will get your answer in this article. Any Mod APK version of an initially released application always brings more features and upgraded user-friendly interface for which we users can never say a no. A Mod APK version, which got recently updated by solving all the issued listed in the original version of the application, is undoubtedly worth to give a try.

Features of Spotify Premium APK For Android. Access to the millions of song tracks – Spotify has the largest music collection. It has millions of songs that you can listen to with a single tap of your hands. Unlimited Ad free Music – The best feature of Spotify APK is its ability to offer music with no interruptions or ads.

If you are the one who loves listening to different excellent varieties of songs, then you have stopped at the right place. While travelling, while staying at home, during your break time or whenever you want to relax and relieve your stress, you will get opportunities to make your incredible playlist by using this hack Mod APK. This article will show a list of the fantastic features along with the downloading steps so that to download the hack Mod APK file. You will get a downloading link below this article.

Features of Spotify Hack APK:

Ads Blocked:

Those who are annoyed about getting visual as well as audio ads frequently while streaming some fantastic music here is your solution. This latest hack Mod APK does not support or promote any ads, so users do not get disturbed while using the application.

Unlimited Shuffle:

Now you do not have to access your phone every time as this application will provide you with unlimited shuffle feature to make a hack Mod APK more user friendly.

Download Music:

This Spotify hack Mod APK version allows you to download your favourite songs and albums so that you can enjoy them whenever and wherever you want by being offline.

Listen for Free:

You can use this Spotify hack Mod APK by downloading it in your tablet or Smartphone and can access n number of songs y your favourite artist, create your playlist, which altogether will get provided to you for free.

Some other features of Spotify Hack Mod APK:

1. Unlock Spotify Connect

2. Repeats, seeking, canvas and storyline will now get enabled on this Mod APK file.

3. Extreme Audio unlocked

4. No commitment required and can cancel at any time.

5. Crashlytics disabled

6. Unwanted permissions are disabled.

Downloading steps for Spotify Mod APK:

1. You will find below in this article a downloading link for the Mod APK file. Click on it to start the process.

2. Go to your settings in your device and then click on security. You have to enable installation from the unknown sources to install the modded version of Spotify.

3. The APK must have started to download, and once it gets downloaded entirely, you can go on with the installation process.

4. Once installed you can login and can enjoy a wide range of songs available in your preferred language.


The fantastic app Spotify has been winning every music lovers from all over the world ever since it has got launched and this APK adds more spice to the music platform. More upgraded features, updated quality come along with several songs available here which is exclusively accessed by millions of users out there. So, if you want to listen and access your favourite artist’s unique creations and pieces, that too by knowing the storyline that will define what all fantastic behind the scenes that happened while creating the song and the upgraded HD quality music. So if you want to access all these outstanding features then go on downloading this undoubtedly well developed Mod APK version of Spotify. Follow all the downloading steps, which have got noted above that will indeed prove as a helping hand for all the new users trying to install the Mod APK file.

FAQ regarding Spotify Hack APK version of Spotify:

1. Do I have to face many ads in this Mod Hack APK file?

Answer: Not at all. As this APK file is entirely ad-free, you will not get disturbed by any ads in between.

2. Is this APK file completely free from Virus attack?

Answer: Yes, this APK file is completely free from any malware or any virus attack, and you can take advantage of these fantastic features without worrying about anything.

3. Do I require root to access Spotify Hack Mod APK?

Answer: No. By downloading this Mod hack APK, you will not require rooting your android device.

Spotify PremiumAPK 2020: If you are still worrying about the storage for saving the downloaded songs or tracks to your SD card or your device then Spotify Premium Mod Apk is the best solution to this problem. Spotify has numerous innovative methods for listening to your favorite tracks or songs and not required to utilize the storage space.

The users are allowed to play their favorite songs online anytime and anywhere. You can download the Spotify APK file to utilize the Spotify Premium features for free. Spotify Plus Plus is another best music application that allows users to create an amazing collection of albums and music tracks.

Without any payment process, you can listen to your favorite albums or songs anytime and anywhere. The most important thing is that the premium features are free by using the Spotify mod apk. It is much easier to access your preferred songs by organizing the music library by playlists, genres, albums, and artists. Generally, Spotify will offer two different subscription types for its users: Premium and Free.

What is Spotify?

Spotify is one of the most popular digital music streaming applications available across the online platform. It allows you to access numerous videos, podcasts, and songs from artists across the globe like Amazon Music Unlimited, Apple Music, and many more. Spotify can be accessed immediately for free just by registering for an account using your Facebook profile or an email address.

Without any monthly subscription fee, you can enjoy accessing the Spotify Premium features for free. There are numerous differences between the Spotify Premium and as well as Spotify Free versions. The Spotify free version is similar to a radio station and supported by advertisements. This free version can be accessed on any mobile device, laptop, and PC. However, you need to utilize the Spotify Premium subscription to utilize the full service.

What is Spotify Premium APK?

Spotify Premium APK is another modded version to replace the features of the Spotify Official app. This app will allow you to utilize the premium features without any payment. Users are allowed to access or play numerous podcasts & songs without the advertisements across the globe.

Get Below Access, by using Spotify Premium MOD

  • It is much easier to listen to music on your tablet, computer, or Android mobile device.
  • Browse and locate the songs for any activity & mood.
  • Make your own playlists and share the same.
  • You can also utilize the pre-defined playlists.
  • It is much easier to find your favorite podcast, artist, or songs.
  • Discover new podcasts, albums, and music.
  • You can listen to your preferred podcasts and songs.

Spotify Apk File

The Spotify Premium APK can be easily installed on your tablet, smartphone, computer, or laptop to play songs for free. You can listen to any podcasts, playlists, albums, and music from anywhere anytime. This premium APK will have the entire access to the podcasts, artists, curated playlists, and the entire world of music.

Latest Spotify Premium Version’s

Free Version – The Spotify Free version will offer numerous features to its users but you are not allowed to utilize like Offline listening, Skip any Track, HD (High Definition) songs, Ads free Listening, Downloading music, and many more. The free version will also have various advantages to use.

Premium Version – Spotify Premium version is the paid subscription to use the Spotify app.It can offer numerous cool features that are not listed under the free version. They are No Ads, Downloading music, Skip any track, HD Song, Offline listening, and many more. You can still find various big differences between the Spotify Premium version and Spotify Free version.

Download Spotify Premium APK 2020

Size 30 MB
Modded Version
Offered By Spotify Pvt Ltd
Features Of Mods Full Unlocked & Ad-Free
Updated On May 20, 2020
Installation Guide Read Here
Telegram Channel Join Here

If you prefer to download the latest version of Spotify MOD APK then you visited the numerous trustworthy websites or reliable sources to download. SpotifyWire blog’s do personally check the app and verify the same for its safety to utilize from any malware or virus. You must visit here on this SpotifyWire website to get an update on any latest or recent version to download.

Do you want Spotify Premium Apk 100% Working? then You must have to Join this Telegram Channel for getting Updated & Fresh Accounts on Hourly Basis.

It is also advisable to bookmark the SpotifyWire on your web browser to download the Spotify Premium MOD APK on your Android device. In case if you had already installed the Spotify app then uninstall the same on your device. It is a crucial method since some other applications may not work properly with their coordination on your mobile phone. You can utilize the Spotify MOD APK by creating a new Spotify account.

The Spotify Company informed that it is not legit by using Spotify APK. They will ban or restrict your account if they found something on your Spotify Mod APK app. To safeguard your original account, it is advisable to create a secondary email address. If not, you can also utilize other Spotify online accounts for security purposes. You need to login to your Spotify Premium MOD APK app for utilizing the premium features.

FeaturesOfSpotify Premium MOD APK

Now, we will discuss more in detail on the cool or premium features offered by the Spotify Premium MOD APK . Users are allowed to use various available features within this app. Find below the list of special features, you can use through the Spotify Premium APK:

Spotify Blocked Apk App

Spotify Connect

Spotify Mod Premium Apk will offer the Spotify Connect feature and it is available for various devices and platforms. They are Gaming Consoles (Xbox One, PS4 – PlayStation 4), Smart Speakers (Google Home or Amazon Alexa Support), Smart TVs, Computers, or Desktops (Linux, Mac, & Windows), Devices (iOS & Android), and many more.

The data sync from the Spotify Premium will allow the users to control the currently playing songs from one device with the assistance of another device. For example, you can easily control the music that is playing on your computer with the assistance of your smartphone, which is an impressive feature provided by the Spotify Premium APK app.

No Root Required

The Spotify Premium APK will offer the best part of utilizing the application without installing any third-party apps or without rooting your Android device. Many modded APKs will work only with the assistance of rooting & third-party applications. But, the Spotify Premium Apk Mod is a different one to use without rooting the device.

Car View

If you are traveling to anywhere through the car and would like to change or skip any music tracks and it is very difficult to switch a quick song using the Spotify apks interface. However, you can solve this issue by utilizing the Car View option on your Spotify Premium APK.

Just access the Settings menu on your Spotify Mod Apk and enable this feature to use. After turning on this feature, the Spotify app will automatically change to Car View mode while your car is enabled or detected with the Bluetooth connection.

Quality Streaming

The Spotify Premium APK will always allow the users to listen only to any quality music tracks or albums. Based on your network connection, the app will adjust or modify the audio quality automatically. The users are allowed to choose or set the default audio to 96kbps, 160kbps, or 360kbps quality speed.

Play any Song or Music

In case if you had already utilized the Spotify Free version then you know that it is not possible to hear the entire albums or songs. However, here is a great solution for you. It is advisable to use the Spotify Premium APK to hear any songs or albums and also utilize the entire features offered by the Premium subscription.

No Advertisements

The most important and significant problem experienced by the users on your Spotify free version is the constant advertisements. These advertisements will pop-up automatically while enjoy hearing your favorite music. Spotify is another best and most popular music streaming app that includes numerous advertisements to broadcast.

You can find various advertisement types by using the Spotify free version. It will constantly showcase the different types of advertisements like Audio Ads, Video Ads, and Display Ads.

Generally, the Visual Ads and Voice Ads (Audio Ads) will run only for 30 seconds. However, it will ruin your rhythm while enjoy listening to your preferred albums or music tracks. You can gain the top-notch experience by utilizing the Spotify Mod Apk Premium version to enjoy hearing the songs without any disturbance. But, you can avoid watching or hearing these advertisements by upgrading your account with the Spotify Premium subscription.

Download any Music for Offline Listening

The Spotify Premium Mod version will offer the best premium feature to playing to any music even after it is in offline mode. The Spotify Free version will allow the users to access the app only when they in online mode and not allowed to hear music in offline mode. The users may also experience network issues due to the weather conditions (not placed in the right area) or during their travel.

Spotify Blocked Artists

However, Music is one of the best partners for anyone while they are traveling or moving to some other place. In these situations, you can utilize the Spotify Mod Apk Offline listening version to assist your travel. The music lovers can easily download their favorite songs to any device and utilize the same without any weather conditions or network issues.

HD (High Definition) Music

Most of the music lovers across the globe will prefer to hear their favorite songs only in high quality. The music quality will play a most important role to change any person’s mood. The sound quality may vary based on the person’s device or headphones they used to play the music. In most cases, the users will ignore the voice quality due to various factors like song quality, etc.

The Spotify Premium version is one of the most popular and best streaming apps to offer the HD (High Definition) music quality when compared with the entire online streaming apps. The sound quality offered by the Spotify Mod Apk version is much better than the Spotify free version.

Some More Features of Spotify Premium APK

Find below the list of some other special features offered by the Spotify MOD APK:

Intuitive Interface – The Spotify Premium app will offer a free & straightforward interface to use. Users can easily navigate the Spotify application without any issues.

Listen on the Call – This is another most impressive feature offered by the Spotify Premium APK without rooting the device. This feature will assist the users to hear any music tracks even while speaking with someone on their smartphone.

Unlimited Music – Users are allowed to listen to any of their favorite music tracks by downloading the Spotify Premium APK app. You can download unlimited music or songs using this APK app. It is also possible to tune your preferred radio station within this app. If you don’t prefer a song to be listed then it is much easier to delete the same from your playlist. The Spotify users are allowed to utilize this app using a few skips. But, you can make use of unlimited skips only by subscribing to the Spotify Premium version.

High-Quality Songs – Most of the music enthusiasts will prefer only to hear their favorite song with high-quality music. The Spotify Premium version will offer to hear the songs with320 kbps bit rate along with high-quality music. So, you need to download and install the Spotify Premium APK to gain high-quality music access.

Spotify MOD APK Features

  • Enabled with repeats
  • Unlocked with extreme audio
  • Unlimited shuffle or skips
  • Select any song of your preference
  • Enabled with seeking
  • Blocked the Audio Ads & Visual Ads
  • Tablet Mode or FWD icon included within the information bar
  • Spotify Connect unlocked

Spotify MOD Premium Lite Features

  • Available Languages are RU & EN
  • Only Arm devices are supported
  • Disabled with Analytics
  • Unwanted Services or Receivers are Removed or Disabled
  • Services calls & Ads are removed from the activity
  • Fast Load are optimized with cleaned resources and graphics
  • Unlocked MOD features

How to Install Spotify Premium MOD APK on Android Device

You can follow the below-provided instructions to install and gain the experience of free Spotify Premium Mod Apk features on your Android mobile phone:

  • First of all, you need to download the Spotify Premium APK from a Spotifywire website from the above Download Section.
  • Once it is done, you need to access the downloaded APK file. If you are not able to locate the APK file then you can navigate to the File Manager or Downloads folder to identify the Spotify Mod APK Premium file.
  • Access the APK file, a pop-up notification will prompt you to enable the access for security purpose to install the third-party app. Access the Settings option on your phone and navigate to the Security sub-menu. Then enable the “Unknown Sources” feature on your phone.
  • After enabling the option, you are allowed to install any third-party games or applications on your Android phone.
  • On the existing installation page, tap the Install icon to start the process.
  • It will automatically start the installation and take a few more minutes to complete the installation procedure.
  • Once it is done, users are provided with two options for access.

You can just launch the Spotify Premium APK file to enjoy listening to your favorite music or albums.

How to Install Spotify Premium MOD APK on PC (Computer)

You can follow the below-provided two different methods to install free Spotify Premium features on your PC (Computer):

Nox App Player Installation Procedure

Nox App player, another most reliable and good alternative Android emulator to Bluestacks player. The former feature of External Configuration Options will Nox App player from the Bluestacks application. It will assist the users to root the Android emulator. This feature will assist the users to drag & drop the applications within the emulator to install the same on your computer. You can follow the below steps to install the Spotify Premium APK using the NOX App Player:

  • Download the NOX App Player from its official website and install the same on your computer. After that, you need to log in using your Google or Gmail account to start the installation process.
  • Now, you need to download the Spotify Premium APK to your computer. Make use of the Spotifywire website to download the Spotify APK.
  • Then, locate the APK file from its saved folder location. Now, drag & drop the Spotify Mod APK file within your NOX App player. This app will automatically start the Spotify app installation process. Once it is done, users can view the Spotify app on the home page of Bluestacks application.
  • Just double-tap to launch the Spotify Mod Apk file to enjoy listening to your favorite music or albums.

Bluestacks Player Installation Procedure

Spotify Premium MOD APK is an Android-based application and it is not possible to install the app directly on your computer. It is essential to utilize the Android emulator program to use Android apps or games on your PC (computer). Bluestacks is one of the most popular and reliable Android emulators available across the online marketplace. This program will execute Android games or apps on your computer for gaming and entertainment purposes.

You can follow the below steps to install the Spotify Premium APK using the Bluestacks Player:

  • Download the Bluestacks Player from its official website and install the same on your computer. After that, you need to log in using your Google or Gmail account to start the installation process.
  • Now, you need to download the Spotify Premium APK to your computer. Make use of SpotifyWire trustworthy website to download the Spotify APK MOD.
  • Then, locate the APK file from its saved folder location. Now, drag & drop the Spotify Premium APK file within your Bluestacks player. This app will automatically start the Spotify app installation process. Once it is done, users can view the Spotify app on the home page of Bluestacks application.
  • Just double-tap to launch the Spotify Premium APK file to enjoy listening to your favorite music or albums.

FAQs – People Also ASK

How to utilize the free Spotify Premium feature on your Android mobile phone?

The users need to access the Spotify official website to install the Spotify application on your Android mobile phone. You can just press on the option named “free trial for 30 days” to start. Now, you need to register for a Spotify account to utilize the service. Fill the required information and verify the same before finishing the sign-up process. Once it is done, the user needs to provide the card information and press the Start icon to enjoy listening to unlimited music for a 30-days free trial period.

Is the Spotify Premium APK is safe to use?

Spotify Premium APK is another safest application and allowed to use on various devices or platforms like tablets, computers, laptops, and Android devices. Most of the users are very cautious about their device for not getting affected by any malicious codes or viruses. This is one of the best applications that you can install on your Android device for music streaming.


Will the Spotify Mod APK work without an internet connection?

Yes, it is possible to download the Spotify Premium MOD APK to utilize the application without an internet connection. You can easily listen to any offline music without any connection. First, the user needs to download the songs or music track using a stable internet connection and save the same on their device for offline listening when busy time, during traveling, or other time to listen.

Why it is not possible to download music through the Spotify application?

It is not possible to download any music on your Spotify application without using the Spotify Premium account. The only premium account will allow the users to download their favorite songs. In case if the premium account is not available then it is advisable to download & install the Spotify Premium MOD APK app. This app will allow you to utilize the entire Spotify premium features.


Spotify Premium APK is another most amazing and the best music streaming app available across the online platform. This app will allow the users to hear any of their favorite songs, albums, podcasts, or music tracks from anywhere and anytime they want. You can download the Spotify Mod APK to utilize the entire premium features to listen to your preferred songs for free.

It is possible to install the Spotify Premium Mod APK and use the same on your computer, tablet, laptop, iOS, and Android mobile phones. There are numerous features restricted for the Spotify free version when compared with the Spotify Premium version.

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