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Part 1: What is Spotiload (Former Spotify VK Downloader)?

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Spotiload, formerly called Spotify VK Downloader, is a free extension for Google Chrome to help users to search and download Spotify songs from VK users can upload their own MP3 songs to website and name the songs as they like, when users find some favorite songs on Spotify web player, they can paste Spotify playlist into Spotiload, and Spotiload will search the songs available on, when the names are matched, the songs can be downloaded.

Spotify Chrome Extension is a simple Spotify add-on that allows you to easily look up bands and albums while you're using Google Chrome. All you need to do is use the mouse to select a word (like a band name or album title) from the text you're reading in the browser, then push that Spotify button that appears on the navigation bar after installation.

That is to say, Spotiload (Spotify VK Downloader) doesn't download songs from Spotify directly. The Spotiload developer also claims that 'responsibility of is to keep only legal mp3 files on their website' and 'this extension does only name matched search, not content based.'

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Spotiload (Spotify VK Downloader) extension works on and pages. As of May 2018, Spotiload (Spotify VK Downloader) has more than 140,000 users and got an average of 3 stars.

How to Install and Use Spotiload (Spotify VK Downloader)

Installing Spotiload (Spotify VK Downloader) is same as install other Chrome extension. Here are the steps for your reference.

Step 1: Launch Google Chrome, go to Google homepage, search 'Spotify VK Downloader' or 'Spotiload' and click the best result. Or you can directly open 'Spotiload (Spotify VK Downloader)' extension page.

Step 2: Click 'Add to Chrome' button in the upper right of the popup search result.

Step 3: A dialog will pop up and click 'Add extension' button to install.

Once installation is finished, Spotiload (Spotify VK Downloader) extension will popup a dialog in the chrome menu as well as be listed along with other extensions in the menu. Now you can use this extension to download Spotify music as MP3 for free. Here are the steps to download Spotify songs using Spotiload extension.

Step 1: Browse Spotify web player and copy the playlist link you like.

Step 2: Go to and log in your account. If you don't have an account, you can sign up a new account by using your email address or associating your Facebook account.

Step 3: Click 'Spotiload (Spotify VK Downloader)' icon in Chrome menu and click 'Add tracks' button and matched songs will be listed.

Step 4: Click 'Find & download selected tracks on' button to start downloading the songs.

You can click Downloads button to check the status of downloading, or click Settings icon to set parallel downloads. Batch downloading is supported and you can download up to 10 songs at a time. However, Spotiload extension is also warning the users that ' may block the large number of parallel downloads.'

The Advantages and the Disadvantages of Spotiload (Spotify VK Downloader)


By using Spotiload extension, you may realize that it's not perfect. Here we will list some advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of Spotiload (Spotify VK Downloader)

  • It's totally free and you don't need to pay a penny for it.
  • It's cross-platform as Chrome is available in Windows, Mac OS X and Chrome OS.
  • It's easy-to-use, lightweight and stable.
  • MP3 files can be used everywhere without limitation.

The disadvantages of Spotiload (Spotify VK Downloader)

Google Chrome Spotify App

  • You must have a account while is blocked or illegal in some countries.
  • Sometimes, the song name is not the real song with that name as users can name the uploaded songs as they like.
  • Sometimes, the downloaded MP3 files could be lack of ID3 tags or low-quality.
  • There are more than 40 million songs on Spotify but only a small part can be matched on
  • Only MP3 output format is available, but sometimes you may need some other audio formats like M4A, WAV, FLAC, etc.

To some extent, Spotiload (Spotify VK Downloader) is feature limited. If you want to download all your favorite songs from Spotify, either using free or premium account, a professional Spotify Music downloader called TuneMobie Spotify Music Converter may be the best choice for you.

The Most Professional Spotify Music Downloader: TuneMobie Spotify Music Converter

TuneMobie Spotify Music Converter is a dedicated Spotify music downloader which helps you to download any Spotify songs, albums and playlists and keep them as MP3, M4A, WAV or FLAC format. ID3 tags like song name, album, artist, genre, track number, artwork, etc. will be preserved.

Spotify Music Converter can help you download Spotify music no matter you are using free or premium account. And it helps you get 320kbps high-quality output songs.

Spotify Music Converter is available on Windows and Mac, and fully compatible with latest Windows, Mac and latest version of Spotify. On Windows, Microsoft Store version of Spotify is supported and you can enjoy up to 5X downloading speed.

Spotify Music Converter is extremely easy-to-use and help you download Spotify songs in a few clicks.

Follow the steps below to download your favorite Spotify songs, albums or playlists.

Step 1: Launch Spotify Music Converter and Spotify will be launched automatically. Do not close Spotify when using the program.

Step 2: Click 'Add Files' button to add songs, albums or playlists from Spotify. Both drag-and-drop and link copy & paste are supported. You can directly drag songs, albums or playlists from Spotify to Spotify Music Converter, or copy Spotify song/album/playlist link by right-clicking and paste the copied link in the bottom-left blank area.

Step 3: The Spotify music downloader will check all the songs in the playlist or album by default. If there is any song you don't like, you can simply uncheck.

Step 4: Choose output folder and output format. Spotify Music Converter will use 320kbps MP3 as default output format but you can click Options button to change to M4A, WAV or FLAC as you like.

Step 5: Now simply click Convert button to start downloading the Spotify songs, albums and playlist.

Google Chrome Spotify Web Player

After downloading, you can click History button to check the downloaded songs. Then you can add to iTunes library and sync to iPod Nano or iPod Shuffle, or copy to PSP, Sony Walkman or any MP3 players for playback.

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As you can see, Spotify Music Converter is much more powerful and professional than Spotiload (Spotify VK Downloader), if you are not satisfied with Spotiload and want to find an alternative, do not hesitate to download and install Spotify Music Converter to have a try.