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Spot On Fire is a one-stop-shop offering high-quality Spotify Plays, Monthly Listeners, and Spotify Followers to kickstart your success.

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Unlike purchased followers that don’t interact with your music or playlists, song plays are an indication that your music is worthy. When you buy Spotify plays you are simply advertising your music just like you would purchase a commercial or billboard. And advertising with us is a LOT cheaper. Plus you get results fast!

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If you were to choose between two artists in the same genre of music, one with less than 100 followers, and one with more than 10,000 followers, which one would you listen to first?

When you buy Spotify followers, you’re just advertising your music or band to the world. It’s no different than advertising using traditional marketing methods, but it’s definitely a lot cheaper!

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We offer high-quality Spotify plays and artist followers to jump-start your audience and get noticed. We’re here to help you with your musical adventure!

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Our commitment doesn’t end after the sale! We strive to gain your confidence and trust even after the sale. Contact us anytime! We’re going to be adding more support options in the near future.

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Use our high-quality Spotify Plays to market your music to Spotify’s listeners. Struggling to get gigs because your numbers are too low? Fix it today with Spotify Track Plays or Spotify Monthly Listeners.

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Spotify Track Plays will give your band the confidence boost it needs to go after more gigs and promote your music to real people.

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