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'I want to enjoy Spotify in order, is there any way to turn off the shuffle play mode on my devices?'

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As a Spotify Free user, you are certainly not unfamiliar with the Shuffle Play mode. It is the only playback mode available for all the Spotify free users. However, when you can enjoy Spotify Music in the sequential play mode or in the shuffle mode on your Spotify Desktop app smoothly, it is frustrated that you are always keeping sucking on turning off Shuffle Play on Spotify on either your iPhone or Android devices.

When you shuffle a Spotify playlist, all the music on that playlist will play in a random order, making for a different experience every time. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.

And what's worse, the only way for you to play Spotify without shuffle is merely subscribing as Spotify Premium. Lucky you here, this problem will be solved by this complete guide introduced here. Instead of paying for Spotify Premium, we are going to share 2 feasible ways to shut the Shuffle Play mode down for all the Spotify users, especially Spotify Free users with this post. Let's get started here.

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Method 1. Get Spotify without Shuffle Playing on iPhone via TWEAKBOX

To turn off the Shuffle Play on Spotify, you need a tool named TWEAKBOX, which is designed for Spotify free users to enjoy Spotify without ads and listen to Spotify as they will, such as non-shuffle playing, improving Spotify music quality. Let's see how it works.

6 Steps to Turn off the Shuffle Play on Spotify on iPhone

Step 1. Download the TWEAKBOX here and get it fully installed on your iPhone.

Step 2. Run the TWEAKBOX and then you can see the main interface of the TWEAKBOX apps.

Step 3. Hit 'APPS'. There are lots of apps that provided by TWEAKBOX team, like Appstore Apps, Tweakbox Apps, Tweaked Apps and etc. Let's tap Tweaked Apps here.

Step 4. On the Search bar, input 'Spotify'. And then you can see an Apps named Spotify++. Tap it and install it on your iPhone.

Step 5. Tap the Spotify app and then Tap Log In. Input your registered E-mail with the password and then you can log in and get ready to enjoy Spotify without shuffle.

Step 6. Go to play whatever playlist and then tap the Music Playing Progress Bar on the button of the main interface and then you can see the cover and the music playing page. Here, you can see the Shuffle button here and then tape it then you can turn off the Shuffle Play on Spotify on iPhone.

Spotify Free Shuffle Album

Now, you have successfully made it on your iPhone devices. How about Android users? Is there any way to turn off the Shuffle Play on Android devices? Let's move onto the next part and shut it down by yourself.

Method 2. Use TutuApp to Turn off the Shuffle Play on Spotify on Android

For Android users, a third-party app is required to shut down the Shuffle Play mode. Here we recommend TutuApp, which is a mod version of Spotify for all the Android users to enjoy Spotify freely, like getting rid of ads, changing enjoying music playback mode and more. Now, take a closer look at the full guide below.

8 Steps for Turn off the Shuffle Play on Spotify on Android

Step 1. Download TutuApp on your Android devices and follow the instructions to install the apps on your Android devices.

Step 2. Hip the rabbit-shaped icon to run the TutuApp then you can see the main interface of TutuApp.

Step 3. As you can see, the Spotify app will appear on the first page on the main interface of TutuApp, now Hit the Spotify app.

Step 4. On the new page of Spotify, here is a Download button. Tap Download and then get Spotify to download on your Android devices.

Step 5. When the Spotify Music apps are fully installed on Android, launch it. On the login page, log in Spotify with your registered E-mail and password.

Step 6. On the main interface of Spotify music, select whatever playlists and play any single song.

Step 7. On the button of the playlists, there is a music playing bar. Tap the music playing bar, then you can see the music playback interface.

Step 8. Now, the last step hit the Shuffle button and turn off the Shuffle Play on Spotify on Android.

See? Now you can enjoy Spotify on your Android Devices on shuffle play mode, loop playback mode and single cycle playback mode following your inclinations. Enjoy!


How To Shuffle Play Spotify

Now, you can not only turn off the shuffle play on your iPhone but also on your Android devices. If you have any problem, please leave a comment below. Enjoy Spotify on whatever playback mode right here!

Information about this tool

Your Spotify authentication information isn't saved anywhere permanently (unless you want it to in a cookie), just in your session, so once your session ends with the site, you'll have to click on the authenticate button again to use the tool.
If you've approved access to this application previously before, it should redirect you back here as you don't need to reapprove this application again. If it throws an error, it could possibly be caused by too many requests being sent to Spotify. If you want to revoke access for this tool, go to your Approved Applications in your Spotify profile.
Look for Playlist Tools by Steven Aleong and click on the Revoke Access button beside it.
If you want to reuse the tool after that, you just need to grant this tool permissions again by clicking on the authenticate button above. For playlists that have been randomized, I save the following information:
User name, playlist name, and the number of tracks in the playlist.

Spotify Shuffle All Artists

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