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Spotify is a well-known international music streaming platform that allows users to listen to music right from their devices. Mostly Spotify users on the Windows platform face issues with the app. The Spotify app runs itself when the Windows is started up.

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After registering for a Spotify account, you get directed to a page that should automatically launch the installation file for your Mac. To download the software, follow these steps: If the installation file doesn’t automatically launch, go to Spotify and click Download Now. Whether the file launches automatically or you manually download it, your browser. Login - Spotify.

Using the Spotify music app on your Mac? The app is silently killing the SSD/HDD of your Mac. Spotify users over the last few months have been complaining about the app writing tens of GBs of data within a minute or two in the background in some cases. Spotifyユーザーはバージョンの確認を Mac/Windows版のSpotifyを利用している場合は、次の手順でSpotifyのバージョンが1.0.42.xxxになっていることを確認してください。 Spotifyのメニュー「Spotifyについて」を開く。.

There are various applications and software nowadays that provide a feature of enabling/disabling auto-start when the system is turned on. But in case of the Spotify, even after turning off the auto start from the Spotify menu, it starts itself on some of the Windows systems.


Probable Reasons for Spotify opening at Startup

Below listed are some of the expected reasons for the Spotify app to start itself upon the Startup of your system.

1) Application Settings of the Spotify: The Spotify app settings can be the main reason for this issue. Most of the users of the Spotify might not know that the auto startup option is turned on by default in the app settings. Even if the Spotify users who want to disable the Autostart of the app, find it very difficult to find the disable button for the auto startup option because it is really hard to find.

2) Updating the Windows System: Sometimes the latest windows update brings some features which might reopen the applications at the system startup, which were open at the time of shutting down the Windows OS. In this case, the Spotify settings for disabling it to open at Startup will not work if the application was open during the shut down of the Windows.

3) Other Audio Device Software Settings: Some software connected to the audio devices like Headphones and speakers may have set to open music applications like Spotify when the audio device is connected. So if you have connected any headphones or speakers during the Startup of your system, it may invoke the Spotify to run at the Startup.

Note: Don’t forget to terminate the Spotify app before shutting down your computer. This step of stopping the Spotify can save you a lot of time before finding other solutions. If the Spotify application does not reopen itself at the next Startup of your system, the issue was with some windows feature.

Guide to Stop Spotify from Opening on Startup

To disallow the Spotify to run itself on the Startup, some of the feasible and effective solutions are listed below. Just follow them step by step and then you are good to go.

Solution 1: Disable the Spotify app using the Windows Task Manager

From the Windows Task Manager, you can find out which apps are allowed to auto-start on the Windows Startup. To disable the Spotify or other such apps from the Task Manager, follow on.

1. Invoke the Windows Task Manager by pressing the SHIFT, CTRL, and ESC keys simultaneously. You can also open the Task Manager by right-clicking on the Windows taskbar from the bottom of your screen.

2. Select the Startup option, which will stat all the apps and services which are scheduled to start at every windows system startup.

Spotify Mac Ssd App

3. Find the Spotify app from the list and select it.

4. Click on the Disable button to disallow Spotify to open at the Startup.

Solution 2: Change the Spotify settings

To disable the opening of the Spotify at Startup, you can first check the inbuilt Spotify app settings. There is an option provided by Spotify in the settings to disable its auto startup. If you have already changed this Spotify setting, try other methods discussed in this article. Else, follow on.

1. Run the Spotify application.

2. Open the Spotify Settings from the down arrow from the app or by pressing the Ctrl and P keys simultaneously.

3. Opt for the option of Show Advanced Settings.

4. Under the Startup and Windows Behaviour section, choose the No option from the dropdown list beside the option called Open Spotify automatically after you log into the computer.

Close the Spotify app and reboot your computer to see if the issue is resolved or not.

Note: To disable Spotify at Startup on the MAC, you need to modify the startup settings under the Users & Groups section.

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Solution 3: Try renaming the Spotify App’s Exe file

You might need to change the name of the Spotify app’s executable file (Spotify.exe) and the executable file for the Spotify launcher which is SpotifyLauncher.exe to resolve the said issue. To effectively rename Spotify executable files without any hindrance, follow on.

1. Delete all the Spotify shortcuts from your Desktop and other drives.

2. Open your Windows Task Manager by following the steps from the Solution – 1.

3. Select the Processes tab.

4. Find the spotify.exe process from the running processes list. If you can’t find the said exe file, you have to open the Spotify app.

5. Right-click on the spotify.exe process and opt for the option called Open file location.

6. Now terminate the Spotify app if it’s still running.

Spotify Mac Ssd

7. Right-click on the file called spotify.exe and select the Rename option. Add some extra letter or digit like 1 to the current name and press the enter key which will rename it to the spotify1.exe.

Spotify Mac Os

8. Follow the same procedure to rename the spotifylauncher.exe to spotifylauncher1.exe or something like that.

Note: You can rename these executable files to any name with considering permissible letters and characters in the Windows operating system.

This procedure will halt the Spotify app to open at every Startup. You might need to created shortcuts for the renamed Spotify executable files.

Spotify Mac Os Download

We hope this article about how to stop Spotify from opening on Startup has helped you resolve your issue with some easy to follow solutions.