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7 Web Apps to Make Spotify Better Than Ever. Spotify is already pretty damn good, being one of the best music streaming services around. But there are ways to make Spotify even better, as these awesome web apps show.

Since Spotify has removed the feature of Spotify visualizer, lots of Spotify lovers tend to seek for a feasible Spotify visualizer for enjoying Spotify. However, as there are lots of visualizers existed on the Internet, not all of them are fully compatible with Spotify. In order to offer you the feasible music visualizer for Spotify, we have collected some considerable of them and would like to share with you, ranging from online tools to desktop software with detailed features. You can pick up the one you love and save it as your Spotify music partner.

Pre-reading Concept: What is Music visualization? Music visualization is a video effect with the animated imagery in the electronic music visualizer and music player software or media player based on loudness and frequency of the music track. With the music visualization embedded in music, music lovers can see the music with some beautiful pictures or 3D effects rendered in real-time as it is played.

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Part 1. Best 3 Online Music Visualizer for Spotify Free/Premium

No.1 Kaleidosync Spotify Visualizer

Brief Introduction: Kaleidosync Spotify Music Visualizer is an online music visualizer for all Spotify lovers. With Spotify account signed in and Spotify Music playing, users can enjoy Spotify Music with visualizers with flower-shaped animated pictures.

Features of Kaleidosync

Spotify Pc Reddit Third Party Approval

#1 8 different but attractive animated pictures are available for shifting.

#2 With the one-click operation, you can enjoy music visualizer in Full Screen.

#3 Allow show track information and album artwork as per your needs.

#4 Multiple functions like Zoom, Brightness, Sides and even RGB can be adjustable for shaping your own shapes.

Compatible System: Windows & Mac

Available for: Spotify Free & Premium

No.2 Wavesync Spotify Visualizer

Brief Introduction: Wavesync Spotify Music Visualizer is a simple but feasible Spotify music visualizer with colorful wave-shaped animated pictures. You can catch sight of the beautiful sound wave waving along with the playing of Spotify.

Features of Wavesync

Display the track information and album artwork when the song starts playing.

Compatible System: Windows & Mac

Available for: Spotify Free & Premium

No.3 Tessellator Spotify Visualizer

Brief Introduction: Tessellator Spotify Music Visualizer is a 3D interactive music visualizer for Spotify with the moving pictures with different shapes, like pyramids, cubes, net structures, wavy textures and more.

Features of Tessellator

#1 Various and different shapes are visible during the Spotify music playing in a 3D manner.

#2 Not allow getting this playing on mobile devices with some modern broswer like Safari.

#3 The song playing progress and the song titles with the contributing artists can be visible.

#4 Allow to skip the song, shuffle playing or add to favorite while playing the Spotify songs.

#5 Allow click right to save the animated pictures if you are fond of shapes.

Compatible System: Windows & Mac

Available for: Spotify Premium

How to Choose?

To choose your online visualizer, you can take a look at the merit and demerit of these 3 online Spotify visualizers.


a. Enjoying music visualizers with the account login. No need to create a different playlist.

b. Easy to use and free even though you are not good at computer.

c. Fully compatible with Windows and Mac.


a. The effect of some visualizers are single and cannot be shifted to a different visual effect.

b. Sometimes, your account will be automatically signed out or the whole visualizer progress will be suck during the music playing.

c. Internet connection is required so it is hard to enjoy the music when your computer or devices are offline.

For better choosing what kinds of Spotify visualizers, we also have collected some music visualizer software for you, which worth taking into consideration. Let's have a look at what are they and how to use this Spotify visualizer software.

Part 2. Top 3 Third-Party Music Visualizer Software

No 1. VSXU Music Visualizer

VSXU is a powerful music visualizer for Windows. No matter you are using Spotify online or offline, the VSXU music visualizer will be sensitive to recognize the music that you are playing. It will shift the visual effect from one to other different effects. You can see the line, pictures, and more moving along with the music going up and down.

Features of VSXU Visualizer

Spotify desktop app

#1 Multiple shapes are visible and automatic switching during Spotify Music playing.

#2 Require downloading software for Spotify visualizers.

#3 No need to log in to your Spotify account.

Compatible system: Windows & Linux

Available for: Spotify Free and Spotify Premium

No 2. PotPlayer

Although it is a media player, PotPlayer is another music visualizer that I'd love to recommend to you. Go to 'Visualization' > 'Enable visualization' option for the audio tracks and now you can choose multiple visualization styles: WMP visualization, Slideshow, Floating ball, WMP visualization + Floating Ball, etc. Setting resolution per frame, frame per second and adding slide effects are all supported by this powerful software.

Features of PotPlayer

#1 Easy to use with several but simple clicks and you can get music playing with visualizers.

#2 Display the moving shapes with the title, music formats, bitrate, sample rates and more during the music playing.

#3 Allow skip, stop, sound control and more during the music playing.

#4 No need for login your Spotify account, enjoy visualizer at any time anywhere.

Compatible System: Windows & Mac

Available for: Spotify Free and Spotify Premium

No 3. VLC Player

VLC Player is a media player with a built-in music visualizer. You can enjoy more than 6 music visualizers when playing Spotify music. Apart from this, you can catch sight of the title of music at the beginning of the music playing.

Features of VLC Player

#1 Enjoy music visualizer without your Spotify account.

#2 Metadata such as titles and contributing artists are visible on the animated shapes.

Compatible system: Windows & Mac

Available for: Spotify Free & Premium

Q: How can I enjoy these Spotify visualizers?

A: If you want to use these third-party music visualizers, you need to download Spotify to non-DRM files and import them to it. As we all know that Spotify is DRM protected, to play Spotify music on third-party visualizer program, what we need to do is to remove DRM restriction and convert Ogg Vorbis into the supported format. Here, we recommend a powerful software: TuneFab Spotify Music Converter.

You can download the TuneFab Spotify Music Converter and follow the guide to remove the DRM from Spotify. Then you can import the Spotify Music to the third-party music visualizers and enjoy the incredible visual effect.

TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is a perfect Spotify companion for better enjoying Spotify in different ways. Here is what TuneFab Spotify Music Converter capable of:

- Easy to use with simple drag and drop method or copy and paste the URL method;

- Freely convert Spotify music/songs/playlists/albums to MP3, M4A, WAV and FLAC and more in a twinkling;

- Play Spotify music to various devices without the Spotify app;

- Keep metadata and ID tags such as titles, contributing artists, albums, artworks and more;

- Music can be kept as original quality with adjustable music parameters like bitrates (reach up to 320Kbps).

- Conversion speed ranging from 1X to 5X for options.

- Support timely customer services.

Guide: Step-by-step: How to Remove DRM from Spotify Music with Original Quality

Download TuneFab Spotify Music Converter Here

Editor's Note:

Now, you can easy to enjoy Spotify music visualizer online and offline with a powerful tool. What is your option? However, as for me, I would like to download the music with TuneFab Spotify Music Converter and enjoy Spotify Music with the VSXU music visualizer. Now, it is your turn to make up your mind and let Spotify Music Visualizer enrich your experience of Spotify Music enjoyment.

Part 1. Third-party Music Visualizer for Spotify - Top 5

It doesn't work to type the phrase 'Spotify:app:visualizer' in the app's search bar to get native Spotify visualizer now. Spotify for some reasons decided to eliminate its native visualizer for all users. What this means is that to play visual for your Spotify music you will need a third party visualizer.

There are numerous music visualizers for Spotify that you can use. However, not all Spotify app visualizers are the same. Some are great while others are not so great. Some of the top Spotify music visualizers include:

Top 1. AIMP

This is one of the best Spotify music visualizers on the market today. AIMP visualizer for Spotify is a powerful tool for both Windows and Android devices. The application was first developed by Artem Izmaylov, a Russian developer hence the name Artem Izmaylov Media Player (AIMP).

It is a powerful media player that not only plays both video and audio tracks but has the ability to visualize audio tracks thus making it one of the best music visualizers online. This audio visualizer online gives you three options for visualizing your Spotify music. These three options are CoR's Aorta 1.1, Analog Meter Night and the Analog Meter Classic. All you need is to download, install and activate the application and then select your favorite mode to visualize your Spotify audio tracks.

Top 2. Resolume

It is another music visualizer for Spotify. Resolume lets you play all your Spotify audio tracks in a visual form. The visualizer is easy to use as it comes with preinstall directions for use. In addition to its own features, the Resolume music visualizer for Spotify also allows for third-party plugs in, which means that you can easily alter how you use the app to enhance visual effects by adding to it more plug-in.

It is also compatible with other plug-ins such as Spout, windows visualizer and Syphon, a Spotify visualizer mark. This makes it easy to share music visuals and to import visual effects in real time.

Top 3. Bazik

This Spotify audio Visualizer prides itself with having a large collection of images and themes perfect for producing a wide range of visual effects based on the frequency and sound volume of the music you are playing. Bazik Spotify Visualizer has a user-friendly interface and allows you to customize the music visuals produce thus enabling you to get the best of your music visualization.

It is designed to produce music visuals in high definition and Ultra high definition which makes it quite popular among many users. It has color controls which allow you to manage color of your visuals for a greater experience. In addition, it accepts music from all sources making it perfect for someone who has more than one music source, such as a Spotify account and music on a computer storage device.

Top 4. Synesthesia

This is another music visualizer for Spotify. It is a powerful tool that lets you play all your Spotify audio tracks in a visual form. The Synesthesia visualizer is easy to use as it comes with preinstall directions for use. In addition to its own features, the Resolume music visualizer for Spotify also allows for third-party plugs in, which means that you can easily alter how you use the app to enhance visual effects by adding to it more plug-in.

Spotify Desktop App

In addition, it supports over 40 built-in scenes for quality visual effects. It also provides you with controls for video effects. This gives the power to manage the output which in turn creates a great your user experience.

Top 5. PotPlayer

Free Spotify App

PotPlayer is another wonderful Visualizer for Spotify you should consider using. It has powerful algorithms that produce real-time visuals based on the temp and the loudness of the music you are playing.

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This makes sure that you can enjoy your Spotify audio tracks easily by producing some great visual effects. It produces different styles of video effects such as WMP visualization and Floating ball visualization among others.