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What is Spotify?

Features Of Spotify Premium Apk. Below I’m going to share the super cool features of Spotify premium apk as well of free version which will definitely lure you to install this premium app on your device. Hub Of Music: On Spotify Mod apk you will find tons of songs of various languages and from the different regions of the world. Finally, The first method to get spotify premium for pc is here! Method 1 – Using Android Emulator. In This Method, We will be downloading Spotify Premium Apk, Whose link will be provided below, This Spotify for PC Premium works in the best way!

Spotify is the best and most trusted application when it comes to having an audio or video streaming as it enables its users to have access to a variety of genres of music. This APK was established in 2008 in Sweden for giving its users approach to millions of songs along with their video. An immense increase in its number of subscribers and users have been seen since it was launched. Currently, the number of its subscribers and users are over 270 million and they are increasing day by day gradually. The main reason for such a big success and popularity of Spotify Premium APK is the access to around 50M songs which comprise of sad, pop, romantic, classical, rock, ghazals, raps, old and contemporary songs. With the establishment of this audio and video streaming service, the users are no more hesitant in finding the music of their choice. Spotify Apk has a free original version which has certain limitations such as interruption of advertisements and inability to download the songs. While such limitations have a solution which is called “Spotify Premium APK”.

Spotify Premium is one of the most interesting and amazing apps for people who love music streaming. People are loving it and you can guess it through its no of download. But some people find some problem in using it as it’s a paid app and everyone can’t pay all the time and even for it’s with auto-renewal. Then here comes Spotify Premium APK for your need to fulfil. It’s not paid and doesn’t need any auto-renewal every time.

One of the main reasons people also prefer to use Spotify is its unique and creative features. Developers have designed and updated it according to the need and suggestions of user experiences. Through Spotify Mod APK now everyone can use this app with all its current and updated features. It provides all Spotify Premium features without getting paid and auto-renewal.


  • 3 Key Features of Spotify Premium:
  • 11 Spotify Premium APK Account FAQ:

What is Spotify Premium APK?

Spotify Mod APK is a modified and unlocked form of original Spotify App that can be used with immediate access without paying anything, unlike its paid version. Anyone can use and enjoy all the premium features of Spotify with family and friends as it has different versions.

Basic Features of Spotify:

Spotify Limited launched Spotify in 2008, and it gets updated with more exciting features all the time and then it also launched its app which has now around 500 million downloads with 271 million active users and it also introduced its monthly subscription options for individual, family and student basis. Spotify can be used offline and it’s also free from advertisement.

You can search for songs by song lyrics and also with the singer name. It has more than 50 million tracks and 3 billion playlists. Firstly, Spotify was limited to use in the United States and Sweden, and now it’s being used in around 80 countries. Spotify has three plans Individual, Family and Student with monthly charges of £4.99/9.99/14.99. A family plan can be used for a maximum of 6 accounts and the other two can be used for one account only.

You can use Spotify for Android, iOS and with Computer (Windows, Linux, macOS) with full quality offline and online streaming. But in Spotify Premium APK there are limited features like it will show some ads, have lower quality than an original paid app as in this free download version some features are still locked.

Key Features of Spotify Premium:

  1. No Advertisement:

All of us know that advertisement during app streaming is annoying and many online streaming has this issue but here in Spotify videos are ads free.

this feature has made this app more attractive. But if you get free Spotify here than it shows some ads in it but many of its users don’t mind of these little ads. It ruins a bit of experiencing this app but for sure that’s free.

  1. Discover Favourite Music:

When you set up the account than Spotify asks about the account holder’s interest in favourite category and artist and after that Spotify show all the relevant interest-based music from which you can select the videos to play.

  1. Skips and Shuffles:

The premium version provides an option to shuffles and skip any song, but this is for limited no of times, and when you expire this limit you can’t skip or shuffles any song. But Spotify Premium Mod APK gives unlimited skips and shuffles to users. And users love it.

  1. Streaming Quality:

One of the key features of Spotify that its streaming audio quality adjusts as per the device and or you can select the default audio.

  1. Vehicle or Car View:

If you are travelling and using Spotify Premium than video or audio switching option can be used. You have to turn this option “ON” then song switching will be very easy for Car or Vehicle mod. Many users spend all their leisure time while travel and here Spotify is a great option to spend with.

  1. Spotify Offline:

It is also one of Spotify’s best feature. You can find any music or podcast video or audio you need and may download to play that in offline mode. And this feature also makes it a unique choice for many users. Because many users don’t have a WIFI option all day. So, they just download the music video so they can play it in offline mode.

  1. No Extra Extension Required:

Another key feature of Spotify is that it doesn’t require any rooting means it has NO ROOT option which also makes it unique.

  1. Music Lyrics and Back Story:

Spotify partnered with genius to provide its users, another extra feature of music lyrics and back story of the song to make that video more interesting to users and it also enhances their information about their favourite songs and singers.

  1. Social Sharing Option:

Now-a-day’s people have more love to share their favourite videos and sons on their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to show their kind of interest.

  1. My Playlist:

Spotify also gives options for its users to create and build their playlist for their loving Songs and Podcasts.

Spotify Premium Apk Info Download

  1. Spotify Connect Option:

There are many users who use Spotify with many devices like T.V, Cell, Car, I pad with their sound system so they can use Spotify Connect option.

  1. Spotify Radio:

One of the great features is that it automatically builds its playlist based upon your searches and interests and that helps its user to search for his/her specific video.

Spotify App Version:

Application NameSpotify App
Developer NameSpotify Limited
Update On2 Days Ago
Mod Version8.5.81.991
Mod FeaturesNo Ads, Premium Unlocked
Available GuideFor Windows, Android and iOS
APK Size23 MB
No. of Downloads500,000,000+

Requirements for Spotify Premium APK to Install and Use:

Spotify has a great feature that it can be used with minimum requirements for devices even though how old that device or phone is. At least Android 4.1 should be installed on the phone because this is the basic Operating System to use Spotify. Even with this one the requirement you can enjoy Spotify with all its premium features. But adding one more thing in these criteria is to create a Spotify account first that will make your experience smooth and easy for Spotify Premium features.

How to Install and Use Spotify Premium APK:

You can install Spotify from the above-given download link which will route you to download the unlocked and mod APK of Spotify. But here one main thing you must have to know and remember for future also that you don’t have to update the app from within the Spotify account for experiencing all features all the time even when the updated version is available because that will divert you to the paid version. Every time you must download the updated version from the above link as from here you will get the updated version link. We know this is one limitation of this but that should be bearable for experiencing the free Spotify.

One more thing to consider for using Spotify Premium it user faces a problem that APK version they are using on their device is unstable we know that’s annoying but to avoid this problem users first have to research and download the APK version that is compatible with their devices sometimes APK is heavy that put the device on rendering. You can follow a hint here if you a mobile version then download the older version of Spotify Mod APK which will more probably solve your problem.

Spotify Premium APK for PC users:


Here are some quick steps to follow and install the Spotify APK as its not available on Google Play store.

Step 1: Go to Download Page Link, which will route you to the actual page of download. Click here and download will start.

Step 2: When downloading is completed than in chrome upper right corner you will see three dots, click on it a drop-down menu will appear and you may select Spotify APK here.

Spotify Premium APK for Android users:

If you are an android user then follow these steps to download APK.

Step 1: Click the above-given download page link.

Step 2: This will route you to the download page. Click on the “Download Now” button. Install the APK here and complete the process to create your Spotify Account.

Step 3: Now you can open the APK and enjoy Spotify.

Spotify Premium APK for iOS users:

This Mod APK is just for PC and Android users but if someone wants to use this on iOS than some extra steps must be followed here.

Spotify Premium Apk For Windows

Step1: Install any android emulator like apps valley in your iOS and connect your PC with iOS via this emulator.

Step2: Download, the Spotify Mod APK and save it at some specific location.

Step3: Turn ON the trust of that device with PC to give access to use the APK.

Step4: Now login to the Spotify APK and enjoy this.

One key thing to note if you are using a browser other than chrome than they will ask for unknown source permission to select the app and download the Spotify APK to install.

Note: Here is a free gift for all of you.

Spotify is not available in your country?

Spotify is only available in around 80 countries which sometimes limits its number of users expand but here you may solve the problem by using a VPN on your mobile. Here is the full process to follow and use the Spotify Account.

Install a free VPN and after that fully validate the VPN account and set target country location i.e. the United States. After this create your account in Spotify and use this freely.

Here one key point to note is trying to use VPN mostly when you are using Spotify Account even in Offline mode to pass the location tracking of App.

Spotify Premium APK Account FAQ:

  1. Is it possible that the Spotify playlist gets deleted?

If you are using Spotify offline than it may possible that due to some error it stops showing you the playlist. You can get it back. Just go online and open up your account here your playlist is saved. You can find all your information here in Spotify account.

  1. Is there any other app we can use instead of Spotify?

Spotify is the best among all the music streaming apps because of the quality and a vast collection of tracks and due to this, it has gathered a huge number of users who are active. Along with Spotify, there are some other streaming apps like Amazon Music, Deezer, etc.

  1. How to update my Spotify Mod APK?

If you are using Spotify app paid version then you will find an option in the right side of your Spotify account to update it. If you want to update its Mod APK version than you can download it here again. We regularly update these versions on an immediate basis.

Spotify Premium Apk For Iphone

  1. Can we use Spotify Offline?

Yes, there is an option to download songs from the Spotify app and after saving that you may go offline and may enjoy your lovely music while staying offline. This service is also available for free if you download the mod APK link from here.

  1. Is it legal to use the Spotify free version?

If you are using the Spotify premium version than it’s legal and fair. Spotify has all the rights of its collection of tracks. They are fairly paying royalties to all the singers and content creator companies according to their contracts. If you are using a free version of it than it is against the terms and policies of Spotify Limited. Because it’s just modified and unlocked by freelance developers who worked over it released this free version. In the paid version account holders get full customer support and emails to get the Spotify update notification on time, which secures the account on time.

  1. Can we use Spotify without rooting the phone or device?

If you are using the updated free mod APK version than you don’t need to root your phone, and it also does not need any other extension to play. But if you already rooted the phone then you still can use this phone.

  1. Is there any difference between Spotify’s paid and free version?

Yes, there are many differences between free and paid versions of Spotify Account. You will find no ads if you are using a paid version. You will get notification all the time when the Spotify Limited will update the app. There are videos which you can access only if you are using a paid version. Even you get amazed by the high-level customer service support.

  1. Can I use the Spotify Account if it’s not available in my country?

Spotify is available in around 80 countries and still Spotify Limited is working to expand its network to other countries. Currently, if Spotify is not available in your country you may use free VPN service for this. You may set your preferred location where Spotify is already available. You must have to ensure that your free VPN is bypassing the Google location finding parameters because sometimes even paid VPN stops working and can’t hide device location.

  1. For how much devices Spotify can be used with better Quality?

According to Spotify’s criteria if you have individual or student account you can use it with one device only but if you have a family account than you can attach it with six devices.

  1. Does Spotify operate fine to any internal or external internet connection?

Spotify works fine with both internal (normal cellular data) or external (WIFI connection). If its speed is around 5 Mbps, it works fine with the same speed and quality of content.

  1. How to use Spotify when its showing location error?

When someone is using Spotify account with free VPN then it shows some location error when your VPN location is not active, or when your free VPN is not able to bypass the Google location finder. You have to log out both account than the first login to VPN to choose your Spotify supported location and after that loin to Spotify Account. In this way, it will start working. If it still not works then download any other free VPN available and try to choose location United States because it fully supports Spotify App.

  1. Can we change the Spotify account password?

Yes, you can change the Spotify password. Once you search for the Spotify Login page and put your email or username and click on the password change request. You will find right below the password box. Spotify will send a password reset link to the given email. You have to click the link and put your new password and you can now enjoy your Spotify content.

  1. What is Spotify++?

You can use Spotify paid version only for android or windows. What iOS users will do with that and how can they use that. Here you will find the modified version of Spotify by developers which is available as Spotify Plus Plus or Spotify ++. We told earlier that we must configure an android emulator or apps valley for iOS to use it as an android mobile. Android emulator like Apps Valley is configured first then go to the home screen and search Spotify Account to login. Here confirmation of VPN if you are using it from the country which is not supportive of Spotify.

  1. Is using Spotify Mod APK safe on any device?

Spotify recently detected some modified versions of the app with malware and which also damage the Spotify users’ devices due to that malware. Here you will find mod APK after full scanning by world high paid websites like Norton, Kaspersky, McAfee, etc.

  1. How much amount I can save with Spotify Mod APK?

Spotify is the world’s renowned music streaming app. It’s “Video Quality” is incomparable, but if you still want to save your cost, a free version is available as Spotify APK here. After three months trial period Spotify charges $5 and $10 per month for Spotify student and individual account. You can download Spotify Mod APK here if you want to save your cost.

  1. How to get Spotify Premium account, for free?

Spotify Premium for android and Spotify Plus Plus for iOS can be downloaded here with full is free access.

  1. Can I use Spotify in my car via Bluetooth and without Phone?

You can use Spotify in the car via Bluetooth. You must pair your phone or any other device in which you are using your Spotify account with car stereo. Remember this process of pairing is the same as a pairing of any other Bluetooth enabled devices.

  1. Is this the latest version of Spotify Mod APK?

This Spotify mod APK is the latest version to date. One thing you must remember that to update your APK you can bookmark this page. You will find here the newer version immediately when it’s available.

Conclusion and Recommendation:

Finally, we can say Spotify is the best music streaming app with millions of soundtracks. It has the largest number of active users due to this vast variety of its quality content. We update Spotify Premium APK all the time when the newer version is available. Someone may shift its account to a paid version or can use this for free forever. So, go and enjoy your free streaming music tracks without any hassle.

Spotify Premium Apk Download

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