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Spotify is a digital music service that gives you access to millions of songs.

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A large music library and open access are the two main features Spotify exceeds its counterparts. Spotify now has launched diverse ways to scratch the public's attention and follows, comprising web player, PC desktop, the mobile app, and even derivative plugins. Yet a few people will feel confused to use which one. For example, if Spotify web player offers better service than the desktop client? Honestly, they truly differ in some respects. To make it clear, there is a detailed compare for you.

1. Availability & Portability

First, we would like to talk about the availability and portability as we're getting accustomed to having things always at hand in today's fast world. When you are in a computer-working environment, you can double-click the Spotify desktop icon to get the music. Or directly search it on the browser, or click the Spotify plugin in Google, or set a Spotify bookmark is ok. Yet still, the Spotify web player stands out compared to the desktop client in this sense.

Seemingly, you can open the Spotify web player to start the music journey despite where you are. Yet for Spotify PC desktop, an available PC should be the necessary tool. It is a redundant deed to take your computer around on a free-of-work vacation. Instead, open your browser and search Spotify directly. But I have to remind you that Safari is already on Spotify's reject list, so you'd better change to another browser.

2. Lyric

Song lyric on Spotify may be what you search for. Actually, Spotify itself doesn't offer direct lyric service. Instead, both the web player and desktop version now are able to access the lyrics, though with the help of other music platforms. You can install the Chrome Lyrics Here by Rob W extension or the Firefox Lyrics Here by Rob W addon to see lyrics on Spotify web player. While Spotify desktop should work with Musixmatch to make it.

3. Music Quality

I don't know whether you notice the quality difference or not. It is a great pity that Spotify only provides a 320kbps song on the Web Player. Conversely, Spotify desktop client shares a high-quality 320kbps streaming. Music quality is an essential part of the audience. I think this may drive some of you to the desktop already.

4. Hotkeys

Finally, it comes to Spotify web player's round. The hotkey is a truly acute setting to facilitate some navigation movements. You just need to install some Spotify hotkey extensions on your browser, and then you can enjoy the convenient music service. For example, install the Chrome Spotify Web Player Hotkey extension or the Spotify Hotkeys Firefox addon. Here are some default hotkey settings. It's all right to set your individual hotkeys.


Play/Pause: Alt + Shift + P

Next Track: Alt + Shift + .

Previous Track: Alt + Shift +.


Play/Pause: Ctrl + Alt + P

Spotify Web Player Android

Next Track: Ctrl + Alt + .

Previous Track: Ctrl + Alt + .

Spotify Web Player Vs Mobile App

5. Space Occupation

An all-around software/app is the general development in all fields so as to save much space to promote computer performance. Spotify web player is able to achieve it well as it is attached to the browser to offer the music service. But space occupation is an unavoidable thing for Spotify desktop client.

6. Offline listening

Ok, this part is still Spotify desktop's lead. Offline listening entrance is open to Spotify premium on web player since its issue, while it has become an outstanding matter on the Spotify Community when the web player can gain the access.

7. Download Spotify Music for Offline Playback

Premium users are provided with the right to download music for offline listening. However, it is only the cache file that will disappear when your subscription ends. Considering it, you may try this software, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter, to resolve the problem. With it, not only free users but also premium ones can have the chance to enjoy a permanent Spotify offline listening.

TuneFab Spotify Music Converter Features

Convert Spotify Music to Available Format: TuneFab Spotify Music Converter can convert the protected Spotify Music to universal output formats such as MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC, etc. that can be played on other players.

Support A Fast Batch Conversion: Even if you want to convert a whole playlist or album, it will perform the work at an admirable speed.

Lossless Quality Conversion: Quality is an essential element in music listening. TuneFab Spotify Music Converter does a good job of converting without quality loss. So you don't worry about any unnecessary damage.

Simple Interface: TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is appreciated with a simple interface. This makes it easy to navigate the program.

Easy-to-handle Operation Steps: You will quickly get familiar with the converter software after the first trial. It requires to connect the playlist data with the Spotify app, and then you can easily add the music to the converter for a convenient conversion. You can follow the guidance picture below.

All in all, today we've discussed the difference between Spotify web player and desktop client. It is difficult to say which one is better. In fact, it is a more acceptable way to use these two ways together. Most people just do so according to the specific situation they are under. We indeed hope that this compare work on the Spotify web player and the desktop client can give you some benefits.

Use Spotify inside vscode.Provides integration with Spotify Desktop client.

Note that some of the functionalities are only available on macOS systems (see How it works section)

This extension requires Spotify Premium to work on Windows

How it works

  • On macOS, this extension uses spotify-node-applescript (basically a wrapper for the official Spotify AppleScript API) to communicate with Spotify.
  • On Windows, it extension uses the Spotify Web API.
  • On Linux, it uses a combination of dbus and pactl.

Spotify Web API implementation can be used on any platform, but it does have some drawbacks:

  • It doesn't work without internet connection (Linux and OS X implementations do).
  • Full functionality is only available to Spotify Premium users.
  • API calls are rate limited.

At the same time it provides tighter integration and it's more or less future proofed.


  • Shows the currently playing song in the vscode status bar.
  • Provides commands for controlling Spotify from vscode.
  • Provides hotkeys of commands.
  • Provides buttons for controlling Spotify from vscode.

Compatibility table

FeaturemacOSLinuxAny Platform (only option on Windows) Web API
Works Offline
Show Current Song
Play Next Song
Play Previous Song
Play Pause
Mute Volume
Unmute Volume
Mute Unmute Volume
Volume Up
Volume Down
Toggle Repeating(shows repeating state) ⭕
Toggle Shuffling(shows shuffling state) ⭕

Additional Web API features:

  • Playlists/tracks selection. Make sure you have logged in with the command >Spotify Sign In to use these features. You can open the Virtual Studio Code command line with the hotkey Ctrl+P by default.


This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind are welcome, any contributions made will be recognised in the README.

A list of contributors to this project (emoji key):


Levin Rickert

Marc Riera

Evan Brodie


Ryan Gordon

Richard Stanley


Jesús Roldán

Nicolás Gebauer

Muhammad Rivki

Miguel Rodríguez Rosales

Mosh Feu

Adam Parkin

Andrew Bastin

Michael Fox

Matija Mrkaic


Fernando B


There are a number of commands available for the extension, and accessible via the commandpallette. Find them by searching for 'Spotify' in the command pallette:

Adding or changing hotkeys

All keyboard shortcuts in vscode can be customized via the User/keybindings.json file.

To configure keyboard shortcuts the way you want, go to the menu under File > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts.This will open the Default Keyboard Shortcuts on the left and your User/keybindings.json file where you can overwrite the default bindings on the right. You may also see an interface to modify the shortcuts on different versions of vscode.

Example :

For more info on hotkeys please look at


Spotify Web Player Vs Mobile App

This extension provides a variety of buttons to control Spotify from status bar. By default 4 buttons are enabled:

  1. Previous track
  2. Play / Pause
  3. Next track
  4. Mute / Unmute

You can modify the shown buttons by changing your parameters (go here to find out how):

Spotify Web Player Vs App

For the full configuration options go here.

Spotify Web Player Vs Mobile App Android

Note that due to limitations of Spotify's Applescript API toggleRepeatingButton toggles only'repeat all' property of spotify. There is no way to set 'repeat one' via vscode-spotify.

Download Spotify Web Player

You can also change the position of buttons by changing the parameters below:

Seeking to a specific point in a song

Spotify Web Player Or App

You can use Spotify Seek To command (spotify.seekTo) to seek to the specific point in a song. You can specify hotkey that will seek to a custom time in a song by adding keybinding in keybindings.json. For example: