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Hey @Tgalliher01 Welcome to the Spotify Community! Currently Spotify and Hulu does not allow the upgrading of Hulu Plans on accounts made thru spotify. Plan Free/Premium - Potential Plan Spotify Premium WITH Hulu (Ad-FREE) Country - USA Device - All and any devices. Operating System (iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.) - All and any working operating systems. My Question or Issue Hello everyone! Currently, there is a Spotify Premiu. Hulu Premium is the company's ad-free streaming service. For $11.99 a month, you'll get access to their entire on-demand catalog that you can binge without the inconvenience of commercials. I have the spotify with hulu deal. When i watch on my laptop with adblocker the ads don’t bother me. There is a message that will pop up telling you to turn the adblocker off but if you look at the countdown it still keeps going and then goes back to whatever you are watching once the time is up.

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  2. Upgrade To Ad Free Hulu Through Spotify Subscription
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If you subscribe to Spotify Premium, you now have access to Hulu for no extra cost. On Tuesday, Spotify announced that everyone with a Spotify Premium account can sign up for Hulu through their account free of charge, opening up the video streaming service’s ad-supported plan, which normally costs $5.99, to millions of users.

If you want to add free Hulu to your Spotify Premium subscription, you need to visit this page on Spotify’s website and follow the instructions to activate it. If you already pay for the $12.99 Spotify Premium bundle which includes Hulu, you don’t have to do anything — the new price will automatically appear on your next bill. But if you pay for Hulu separately, you’ll need to cancel there and start over on Spotify instead to take advantage of the deal.

There are a few major restrictions worth noting before you dive in. First of all, subscribers with a family plan or on the premium for students tier are not eligible for free Hulu. Also, you can’t add any premium channels, including HBO and Showtime, to your plan. You are stuck with Hulu’s most basic ad-supported plan, and unless the Spotify deal is altered in the future, the only way to make changes to your plan is to sign up for Hulu through other methods.

Finally, Hulu says that the offer will only be available until June 10th, 2019, or while supplies last, so if you are paying for Spotify Premium and want to give Hulu a test run, be sure to sign up soon.


Hulu At a Glance

  • Hulu starts at $5.99/mo.
  • Month-long free trial for on-demand customers and seven days free for Hulu + Live TV users
  • Bundle Hulu with Disney+ and ESPN+ for just $12.99/mo.
  • If you’re looking to join a new streaming service, you’ll almost certainly have heard of Hulu. But what you may not have heard about are the various deals and offers that come hand-in-hand with the platform. Read on for how to get them and, more importantly, how much you could end up saving.

    What is Hulu?

    Hulu is one of the biggest streaming services around. It’s also one of the few platforms to offer both on-demand and live TV packages, catering to all budgets. Hulu’s on-demand library features more than 2,500 movies and TV shows — ready for you to watch at the click of a button. And its live TV line-up boasts over 65 well-known networks, from ABC to FOX.

    Signing Up For a Hulu Free Trial

    When you sign up for Hulu, you’ll automatically receive a free trial, no matter which plan you pick. Just head to Hulu’s website via a computer or download the mobile app to use with a smartphone or tablet. (The same free trial offer exists on all devices.) You’ll be asked to fill in some personal information, including your email address and payment details. A $1 authorization charge may appear on your card statement, but Hulu will automatically refund this.

    New subscribers are eligible for a free trial, and so are certain returning subscribers. The only problem is Hulu doesn’t define which returning users can sign up for a trial. If you want to know if you fit the bill, contact the service.

    What Types of Promotions Does Hulu Typically Offer?

    The length of Hulu’s promotional free trial differs for on-demand and Hulu + Live TV customers. If you choose the cheaper on-demand plan, you can try Hulu for an entire month. But pick the Hulu + Live TV package, and you’ll only get a seven-day trial.

    There’s usually a Hulu Black Friday deal, and the service may offer other promos at certain times of the year. But the terms and discounts tend to change on an annual basis.

    Hulu Bundles

    There are several ways to cut your streaming costs by combining Hulu with other services. Here are all the bundle deals available right now:

    Disney+, ESPN+ And Hulu Bundle

    This bundle trio will cost you just $12.99/mo. and comes with Hulu’s ad-supported, on-demand plan, the entire family-friendly Disney+ library and live sports coverage from ESPN+. You’ll save around $5/mo. by investing in the bundle, and can always upgrade to a more expensive Hulu plan. For example, you can choose Hulu’s live TV package and pay $61.99/mo. for all three services. Unfortunately, there’s no free trial for the bundle. In fact, the only service that currently has a free trial out of the three is Hulu. Get the bundle via the Disney+ or Hulu sites.

    Spotify And Hulu Student Bundle

    Students enrolled in a US Title IV accredited college or university can sign up for the Spotify and Hulu bundle. This deal will set you back just $4.99/mo. and also features three streaming services: ad-free music from Spotify Premium, on-demand content from Hulu and premium TV from Showtime. There’s no way to upgrade to a different Hulu package with this one, but with the combination of Hulu and Showtime, you’ll never be stuck for something to watch. Plus, you’ll save more than $20/mo. Sign up through the Spotify Premium for Students page.

    Sprint And Hulu Bundle

    You can get free Hulu with Sprint. Hulu and Sprint have come together to give Sprint Unlimited customers access to Hulu’s basic on-demand catalog for no extra cost, saving $5.99/mo.

    Free Hulu For Spotify Premium

    Current Hulu Offers

    Hulu’s standard free trial is a week for Hulu + Live TV subscribers and a month for on-demand-only customers. Both are available through Hulu’s website or mobile app. When your trial has started, you’ll be able to access all of Hulu’s features, including cloud DVR storage for Hulu + Live TV plans.

    Right now, there are no other Hulu coupons or Hulu promotions.

    Everything Else to Know About Hulu Deals

    Every Hulu free trial works in the same way. The day your trial ends is the day you’re charged for your first month. Hulu’s cheapest plan — the on-demand-only option — costs just $5.99/mo. The Hulu + Live TV package, however, is a lot pricier at $54.99/mo. but does include on-demand access. You can also upgrade to a No Ads plan for each package (though the commercials are only removed from on-demand content). That will boost the price of Hulu’s on-demand package to $11.99/mo. and $60.99/mo. for the Hulu + Live TV option.

    Upgrade To Ad Free Hulu Through Spotify Subscription

    Feel free to customize your package, too, with premium add-ons like HBO and Showtime. (These also come with a seven-day free trial.) You can even boost the standard 50-hour cloud DVR limit to 200 hours and get unlimited simultaneous streams. Of course, each add-on comes with an additional monthly fee.

    How To Upgrade To Ad Free Hulu With Spotify

    With both live TV and on-demand content available, Hulu is a well-rounded service to stick with. But if you feel it’s not for you, you can cancel your subscription without paying a single thing. To avoid being charged, ensure you cancel before your free trial finishes. It’s worth waiting until the last day to do this as the moment you cancel is the moment you’ll be locked out of Hulu.

    Hulu Live With Spotify

    Should I Start the Hulu Free Trial and Cut the Cable TV Cord?

    Student Hulu Free With Spotify

    Whether you’re looking for a full cord-cutting solution or simply want thousands of titles at your fingertips, Hulu has it all. Few streaming services can compete with its specific range of packages, but it’s worth trying out a number of platforms before committing. That’s exactly what free trials are for. On-demand behemoth, Netflix, similarly gives a 30-day trial. So does Amazon Prime. Live TV services like fuboTV tend to only offer week-long trials, but that’s still plenty of time to get to grips with the features and layout. So try out the ones that appeal and see where you end up.