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BTT Remote integrates your iPhone with the Mac app, Better Touch Tool. With both apps installed, you can do a ton of different things with BTT Remote. TodayRemote also supports Spotify, Rdio.

It is one of the best features that have been embedded within the iPhone or any other iDevice that has been launched by the apple to use as remote control as well. In other words, it means that the user can use spotify as the remote control as well. They can play songs of spotify from their speaker, laptop, phone or play station also. This tutorial is all about how to use Spotify app with the help of iPhone, Android, window and Mac that has been transformed into a remote control. The related steps are also explained in full to help user of all types of devices.

Part 1: Spotify Remote on Mac

Now enjoying songs on spotify is really simple and great to use it from anywhere. If you regular user of spotify and using it on regular basis, then you can control it form your Mac remotely. So there is no need to walk to computer or Mac to skip a playlist or pause a song you can do it remotely. It is practically possible.

Just suppose if you have an old Mac connected to your spotify account and you brought new one. You can leave your account logged in to your old Mac and control it from the new device. There can be a lot other reasons to control your old Mac device from the other one such as in the car or on the bed. 1. Visit the URL It is the remotless helper app exe location and it is to be downloaded and the setup is to be run to use spotify remote on your Mac.

2. After installing it on your Mac device, run it and click on the new connection tab.

  • IPhone/iPad - Linn Kazoo & Lumin; Windows - Linn Kazoo; Mac - Linn Kazoo. Having said all of that, assuming you are currently using the Tidal app on your Windows PC and want to keep using its user interface, you could forget all of the above and try actually remote controlling the PC itself, by installing a VNC server, such as RealVNC.
  • Spotify just unlocked a new feature in its mobile apps for Android and iOS—the ability to control the music playing in the desktop application from a mobile phone or tablet, assuming you're.

Is Spotify Free On Iphone

3. To establish new connection, enter your spotify username and name of your computer. Select region from the region section.


4. The currently playing song along with the options such as play, skip, pause or rewind which are available on your Mac. Even it allows you to adjust volume.


Whenever you want to play any other song, then just tap on the browse button. It is available on the upper right side and here you can see your playlist and favorite songs. You can search for new songs or albums here.

Part 2: Spotify Remote Control on Windows

The process of using the spotify remote control over the windows is also very simple and same as the using on the Mac. You can follow the following steps to complete this process.

1. You have to download the application from the below link first and install it on your sytem., as it is the exe file of the system that is to be launched and executed:

2. Now under the new connection tab, the user needs to enter the computer name and the spotify username is typed separated with the sign of @:

3. Once it has been done, the user will be able to control the spotify running on the device as well as the system, as a two way connection has been established:

Part 3: Spotify Remote Control for iPhone/iOS

Use Iphone As Remote For Mac Spotify

The process of remote control on ios is also very simple to follow, and user will be able to do it very easily in just few steps of using ios devices as remote control for spotify. Once you have connected your ios device to the other device to use it as remote control for spotify. You don’t need to do any other process. Then you can enjoy your favorite spotify music anytime anywhere without any problem. If you are in the room you don’t need to go to your system to stop pause of play songs or play next song. You can do it by using you ios mobile only. We are going to tell you that how you can use your ios devices as remote control of spotify. The procedure as explained before is pretty straightforward and can be followed as mentioned below:

1. The user needs to play a song on the spotify application of ios, tap the now playing bar to to proceed further:

2. After playing song, 'spotify connect available' button will be there and you have to tap on this button:

3. You will see option of spotify connect devices after tapping on the spotify connect button. Now just select your device from the available list.

4. You will see device in the green color after tapping on it to make connection. If you device is in green color, then you have successfully connected your device.

Use Iphone As Remote For Mac Spotify Download

Part 4: Spotify Remote Control for Android

After discussing ios as remote, it is a time to discuss that how you can connect your android device as the remote control for your desktop or laptop. This process is also simple as we discussed above to connect IOS device. Some extra tips are there that you can upgrade your stereo to get best experience of listening music. So after connecting you can enjoy your music on your laptop or any speaker and control it with your android device. Following are some steps that how you can do it easily.

Use Iphone As Remote For Mac Spotify Password

1. First of all, launch spotify application on your device and play any of your track. After playing, you need to tap on the now playing bar at bottom of the application.

2. In the android application, you will see option of connect available after tapping on the now playing tab. Now click on this tab to see available device.

3. After taping on the connect available, it will automatically connect to the other device.

4. You will see connected device in green color. If device is in green color then if connected to the other device and you can use your android device as remote control for spotify.

Part 5: Download Spotify Music Free with iMusic

Download Spotify For Iphone

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