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Volumio 2 is here. Stable and gorgeous as it should.

  1. Volumio Spotify Connect Plugin Downloader
  2. Volumio Spotify Connect2
  3. Spotify Connect Volumio

This is for you, for all our community members that patiently tested, suggested and made Volumio what it is. It’s for Volumio Team, who made a fantastic job using all their expertise and passion. It’s for all our OEM Partners which fostered the development and helped us financially. It’s for the Music: she deserves a player like Volumio.

Here’s what you’ll get

Volumio Spotify Connect Plugin Downloader

  1. Volumio Spotify Not Working: Best Alternative of Volumio Spotify Plugin. If you have met some trouble like 'Spotify connect Volumio no sound', 'Volumio Spotify not working' or etc. When trying to play Spotify playlists on Volumio, here is the best solution for you.
  2. If a compatible wireless hardware is found, Volumio will create a hotspot network for first configuration. Mount CIFS and NFS Network Attached Storage, with an auto-discovery function. Custom playlist editing and creation. Plugin support with new functions available like Spotify and Digital Room Correction.
  3. SpotifyのプレイリストはVolumioでは表示されないので、iPhoneで聴いている環境と比較すると少々不便です。 マルチチャンネル再生 ステレオ再生に加えて、5.1chなどのマルチチャンネル再生が可能かどうか確かめてみました。.

Volumio will discover automatically the music on a USB drive, or allow you to connect your network storage and your streaming services account. From now on you will control your playback from anything that has a browser: a tablet, a mobile phone, a computer or even your Smart TV.


  • Fix swap creation on Raspberry PI 1
  • Fix playlist creationdeletion
  • Fixed player name in Airplay
  • Fix Airplay playback with async DACs
  • Fixed search when Volumio is offline
  • Fix .cue files playback
  • Fixed hardware mixer dropdown when no mixer is available
  • Fixed alarm being activated each hour
  • Fixed removal of backgrounds
  • Fixed background color selection resulting in unusable UI
  • Fixed scanning of network drives on wireless
  • Fixed clear and play
  • Fixed error with installing big plugins
  • Fixed my webradios playback
  • Fixed webradios playback
  • Fixed albumart with strange characters retrieval
  • Improved syncing changes to disk
  • Fixed adding shares with spaces
  • Fixed startup volume control
  • Leveraging browser cache for albumarts
  • Fixed playback for entire genre
  • Fixed static IP


  • Software mixer if no hard mixer is available
  • Ability to protect or disable hotspot
  • Library view
  • Grid View with Albumarts
  • Last 100 songs played in Playback menu
  • Added gapless playback as default
  • Added update db button
  • MPODMPDROID albumart server
  • Ability to control volume from mpd clients
  • Improved volume control on mobile devices
  • MPD 19.9 version
  • Unique SSH keys at first boot
  • Ability to force network scan on hotspot (compatible wi-fi dongles)
  • New languages (portuguese,suomi, hungarian, chinese, japanese, spanish)
  • Ability to update plugins when new versions are released
  • I2S DAC Autodetection via EEPROM
  • Current track vertical alignment on queue
  • Manual network connection

Volumio version 2 is available now in the download page or via the OTA Updater. We’ll first release Raspberry PI and X86 versions, in the following days we’ll also update all other platforms.

In case you’re a bit lost, take a look at the brand new user manual, and feel free to improve it by issuing us a PR!

If you are a Spotify premium user, you are probably quite used to the spotify app’s user interface, whether it is mobile or on computer. NanoSound and Volumio now seemlessly support spotify connect with artist and album display on Volumio’s web interface and Nanosound DAC (now DAC2 with Colour) OLED display. The idea is to control using Spotify App / Web interface and play on Volumio, so that you can enjoy Spotify audio in your HiFi connected to your Volumio.

Here’s the instructions to setup:

Volumio Spotify Connect Plugin Download
  • Under plug-in, install the “Volumio Spotify Connect2” plugin. (Credit to @balzure and @ashthespy for this great work)
  • After installed, enable the “Volumio Spotify Connect2” plugin. You might also like to change the Settings such as start up volume

Volumio Spotify Connect2

  • Using Spotify App, you can now see “Volumio” under devices (or whatever name you changed in Volumio)
  • If you are using NanoSound DAC, upgrade NanoSound plug-in to 1.4.2 or above by uninstalling and installing the plug-in again.
  • NanoSound DAC’s display also supports showing the song and artist names played via Spotify Connect.
  • Enjoy full control from Spotify App via NanoSound’s onboard DAC

NanoSoundis an Hi-Fi Audio series developed byNanomesher. Leveraging on Raspberry Pi ( a credit card sized single board computer) and IOT (Internet of things) technologies, NanoSound achieves very high quality sound with plenty of advanced features and maximum convenience.


NanoSound products such asNanoSound DAC and NanoSound DAC 2 were successfullyfunded and delivered via kickstarter and is now being sold in more than13 resellers around the world.

We are also anofficial partnerofVolumio– The Open Audiophile Music Player software with bit perfect playback.

Spotify Connect Volumio

That’s it! Dont forget to check out our current NanoSound DAC and Amp Range and review by MagPi